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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. for me casein reaction is the same as eating gluten as well. As a child my mom would still feed me goats milk and cheese but now i find even that will set me off. best advice is to pick a time when its not inconvenient to get sick and try to test goat and cow milk. good luck. hope you can still eat some cheese. If not, i find Daiya cheese is great for pizza and other hot dishes.
  2. Feel So Belittled

    I was first diagnosed with gluten, dairy and animal protein intolerance when I was 1 (i think) when I lived with my mother. When I went to live with my dad when I was 5 i was allowed to eat everything I couldn't. My diet stayed like that until i was 17 when I spent over 1 year sick with lymph node swelling and other unpleasant stuff. I was diagnosed 3 years ago but people in my family still don't believe it. They think it was a childhood allergy and I respond by reminding them of all the behavioral and physical problems I had. Last year on my birthday, which is near christmas, I had a shouting match with my brother who did came out and said that I had made up my allergy. I took a bus home that very night (to my apt in university) and spent my birthday and chrismas alone. it was miserable but I figured that i would rather be alone then to be with someone who doesn't notice how much better I was. I think you glutenfreemamax2 should do something similar. Stand up to the people who can't see how happy and healthy you are when you get rid of gluten. I still have problems with people in my family but by brother believes me now, and i think its because i stood up him.
  3. This is a good site. --> http://www.celiactravel.com/cards/ i'm planning on traveling as soon as i graduate university and because I get like your husband does my boyfriend and I are trying to think of everything before we actually go. There is also the option of researching restaurants that are good before you go out. That way if you show the card they will be more aware of what you mean. I think most countries have websites where you can search for good restaurants.
  4. I find that people are pretty skeptical of my allergies to the point where they do ask what happens if i eat gluten and don't just accept that I'm allergic to it. If it happens I give them the whole explanation to make them as uncomfortable as possible.... I like to think it might help the next person they meet with celiac.
  5. Blood Type

    I'm B+, black hair, Brazilian and Italian descent. So far i've been the only one diagnosed in my family but I suspect people on both my mothers and father's side could be celiac.
  6. I work away from home a lot and always have to eat protein bars to keep up my energy. I recommend Oskri bars and Lara Bars. Oskri are gluten-free and vegan in case you do have problems with dairy after all. From what I remember they dont use sugar at all, but things like honey and rice or date syrup. Lara bars arent as tasty but because I can usually find them more often I eat them a lot. Just be careful cause some arent vegan. If you cant find the Oskri bars at a health food store try ordering them online, thats what I do and trust me when I say they are soooo worth it. =) good luck