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  1. My doctor sent in a stool specimen to a lab and it came back that I was very sensitive to gluten. Normal was 10 and I was at 111. I don't know what this means. But I have been gluten free since October. 3 months and I don't see much difference. It seems like most people know right away. How do I know if I have had a correct diagnosis? Sue
  2. I have the burning most of the time. I don't know of a certain food that causes it. I don't eat things that are acid.
  3. This is good to note. I found some products at Walmart that are gluten free. Watching for the barley and rye too
  4. Thank you. I think I am getting the gluten free part. But still have confusion over things that are ingredients in products. I guess it is the wording that gets me. I also have a burning in my mouth and gums. Could this be from being gluten intolerant? Sue
  5. I am now gluten intolerant. I am a little confused. Do you have to eliminate soy too? Lots of things are wheat free but then it has soy. Can we have soy? Sue
  6. I just wondered if anyone had any expeirence with the stool specimen diagnosis for gluten? Sue
  7. I am new here and am trying to make sense of the whole gluten free world. My doctor diagnosed me with gluten senstivity by sending in a stool specimen. It came back with a high reading. Normal range was 10 my result was 111. Is this a reliable test? do I need a blood test? thank you quiltmom