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  1. My son (4 yrs) has had abdominal pain, stomach issues and behavioral problems for a long time. Celiac disease has been suspected, but so far tests have generally been negative (no tTG antibodies, negative biopsy, but DQ2 positive). He has been on a gluten free diet for a month. Friday he went to ultrasound check of inner organs, and everything looked fine, except the small intestine. The ultrasound doctor said parts of it was totally smooth and dilated and sorrounded by lymph nodes. The affected area was below the part of the intestine that is reached by gastroscopy. We now have to wait for his GI to get back to us with the results from the ultrasound, but also from X-ray, immunohistochemistry of the biopsy and stool sample. I tried to reach him today, without any luck, and I am going out of my mind trying to figure out what this mean. Could this still be celiac disease (even though all the other tests were negative)? And could one expect him to be anitbody negative if the damage is so severe that it is visible on ultrasound? I mean it is rather severe if one sees it on ultrasound, isn't it? Could this be Crohn's disease instead? What else? If anyone has any similar experience or some insight that might help, I would really appreciate it!
  2. My son is 4 yrs old and started on a gluten free diet (probably not a 100% yet, still learning and adjusting) 6 days ago. He has had bad behavioral issues particularly right after his stomach has been problemtic. I am know wondering what to expect with regards to how soon one can see changes in his behavior. Just to have some realistic expectations - but also I am eager to see my son get better. I will appreciate any input!
  3. My son (4 yrs) had biopsies taken on Wednesday, His blood samples have shown no antibodies but he is DQ2 positive, and has several GI issues which also affects his behavior. We started gluten free diet on Thursday, and I am wondering what to expect (if he really has celiac disease or gluten intolerance). What has happened so far is that after he woke up the next day (today) he had tremendous stomach pain / cramps. Really bad, on his very worse. In addition he vomited for several hours (like 15 times). Altogether it lasted for like six hours. This could of course be a convincidence, but I also started to think about withdrawal effects that I have read about (e.g. in this forum). However, this effect is not totally clear to me: - Can the withdrawal effect start as soon as 24 h after starting a gluten-free diet? - I have mostly, or maybe even only, read about this worsening effect regaring mental / neurological symptoms, but does it also involve GI symptoms? - When can one expect to see improvement? On the GI symptoms and on the behavioral symptoms? Does it differ? I am trying to get an insight into what to expect of the response to gluten-free diet. Particularly so that we can keep the motivation to continue also if the biopsy results speaks against celiac disease. I will be gratefully for anyone wanting to share their experience!
  4. Thanks for the replies! Nice to know what to expect. We plan to put him on gluten free right a way - I really look forward to having the biopsy taken and thereby be able to start the diet.
  5. I called and asked if we could come in soon for the biopsy, and we will get it already Wednesday, which is a relief. It is terrible to see my child like this. His antibody blood test was negative, both genetically he is predisposed (DQ2). As soon as the biopsy is taken, we will switch to a gluten free diet, and hopefully things will get better for him soon, although a read elsewhere here that it can take long (up to six months!!) - right now that sounds unbearable. But we will take one step at the time, and right now just focus on getting the biopsy done. Thanks again Great to be here and hear from others!
  6. My son (4 yrs) is having gastroscopy on Wednesday. I was told that the analyses of the biopsies will take about two weeks. Is it so that they cannot give any indications about the results right away, or can they sometimes see signs of celiac disease immediately? I am so impatient and want some answers soon...
  7. I am new here. My son (4 years) is waiting to get a biopsy, and the wait is almost killing me as he is several times a day complaining about stomach ache and he is also being very aggressive in kindergarten when his stomach is bad. Today another mom asked me if I could talk to my son and get him to stop hurting her daughter. It is just devastating and extremely frustrating to see him like this. I am almost longing for a celiac disease diagnosis, which hopefully will take away both his physical and mental issues. Some background: He has had trouble with his stomach for as long as I remember, but never tested positive for antibodies through blood samples (neither for any allergies), however he is DQ2 positive. He got diagnosed with gastroesofageal reflux when he was 18 months (through 24 h acid measurement), and obstructive sleep disorder when he was about 2 years (he got his tonsils and polyps removed). He ate 10 slices of bread a day when he was about a year, and just lost wait, moving to the lowest percentile. Gradually he started eating less bread and his weight curve has normalized. He has a lot of stomach ache (which he managed to communicate when he turned three), and loose and pale stool. He was particularly complaining about stomach ache when he had eaten cake, waffles, chocolate, grapes, and raisins. Two months ago we finally got to a gastro-doctor who really started to take his problems seriously. He was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption through a hydrogen breading test. It was heaven. Finally something we could do. We started him on a fructose free diet, and it really changed him, particularly his behaviour. He was calmer, not as agree and aggressive. But still he complained almost daily about his stomach. His doctor suspected there was more to the story, either milk allergy or celiac disease. First we started a milk free diet, on top of the fructose free. After a week the nightmare began. His stomach pain increased, and his temper was worse then ever. My immediate suspicion was that his diet now was mostly grain. When he started the fructose free diet he filled the void of fruit etc being removed from his diet with milk, he drank large amounts of milk. When we removed that as well, he started eating large amounts of bread. Therefore, we are now waiting for the biopsy. I have also noticed some other signs that when I have searched for them here in this forum, seems to be celiac associated. He is constantly having something in his mouth to bite on, he says his teeth hurt. He also complains about joint pain. These things get worse when his stomach is bad. Also he starts wet his pants again. I don