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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My #1 main / usually only symptom is gas. A lot. It's been partially under control since going gluten free. I am still having issues though and I realized that more than half the new gluten free foods I am eating have soy in them. For those of you that have cut the soy, would this be a likely cause of gas or is it usually only IgE allergy causing?
  2. http://images.vitaminimages.com/ebrands/metrx/labels/W015313-YB.pdf
  3. And do these have gluten? Met rx colorssal super cookie crunch bar? It's a protein bar. I had one for lunch and now my bloating is starting up. Label: http://images.vitaminimages.com/ebrands/metrx/labels/W015313-YB.pdf
  4. I had started a low fructose diet, but my doctor told me to stop. Instead, he started me on cipro for two weeks and I went gluten free voluntarily - that was one week ago. I had tried a gluten free diet in Nov. but just realized the chips I munched on all day were "made in a facility that processes wheat". The day after I started the diet/cipro my stools were still regular, but I noticed they were more...formed? I have larger bm's now, but I am in and out in 5 minutes, compared to 20 minutes before... My entire life it took me a good 20 minutes to be done poop'n - strange change. The bloating/gas is significantly reduced, some days - especially last week, I went the whole day with no bloating, but late at night the "rumbles" would start. Now I wake up and have moderate amount of gas for 2-3 hours and the rumbling (like air being formed and moving around) starts, but not every day, and usually later in the evening. So, I am much better (no bloating pains, rare gas pains) but still get airy intestines. I am not sure what steps to take from here. Generally, antibiotics should have subsided the symptoms by now if it was bacteria. Should I keep going gluten free? I am unsure, because it seems to be completely random when I get gas - some good days, then some worse days. Shouldn't it be a gradual decrease?
  5. Lymphoma is a cancer of the blood and lymphatics system. Lymphoid aggregates in the lamina could be read in layman's terms, Forget it. lymphoid aggregates are common and need no treatment. I see nothing that makes me suspect lymphoma.
  6. Please copy and paste which part suggests your husband has lymphoma. The only places I see the prefix "lymph" is when speaking of lymphocytes.
  7. Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear. Before you went gluten free did you have symptoms after any meal - or were you able to correlate it to certain foods or time of the day. If you ate a salad would you still get symptoms until you healed from the gluten inflammation?
  8. My doctor told me to stop te fructose free diet. He put me on Cipro for 14 days suspecting Sibo. I am debating going on a gluten free diet again, but longer than one week. I read that it can take several weeks to feel better. My main question is, for people who are gluten intolerant, before you started your gluten free diet would you get symptoms after every meal or was it a round the clock bloating/gas symptoms etc with no relevance to meal times?
  9. Skylarc - Sorry for the double reply but I am going to try out the fructose free diet again. Apparently, fructose is in some lettuces, and a bunch more of the food I've been eating than I thought. Wish me luck!
  10. I actually had looked into that - however my symptoms aren't consistent. For instance today, I had eggs/salami for breaksfast, salad for lunch, and chicken salad 3 hours later for a snack. Without fail, 5pm rolls around and I start getting the stomach noises (gurgling, like a back fart). I noticed this morning before my test (I'm in medical school, so I promise to help you all out when I finish), that I got the sensation of the gas starting but as soon as the test started and I got my mind off of it, it went away. Same thing at the barber, I felt a little gurgle, but as soon as we made conversation and I got my mind off of it, it went away. It would be great if it was just a food intolerance, but there should be some variation or consistency. This all started when I had afternoon classes and I stressed about breaking wind, tooting, letting one out, contributing to the atmosphere, whatever they are calling it these days. And as a post script, I have a history of anxiety - I gave myself functional dyspepsia/hypochlorhydria for 9 months when I convinced myself I had ALS. Took Reglan and some Betaine HCl to get me normal. I'm not ruling out any pathological processes but nothing makes sense. I have a GI visit Monday, which he already alluded to wanting to put me on Xifaxin, so I'll update then.
  11. Called up the doc - besides a slightly elevated calcium (which I have had for years) everything was normal. Coeliac came back negative as suspected. So after two blood tests and an endoscopy which say I am negative, I don't have any reason to question it.
  12. I did go to a GI doctor 3 weeks ago. My only symptom is gas and even then it's presentation is bizarre. The doctor did do a coeliac screen but I haven't heard back which I am assuming meant it was unremarkable. I did bring up bacterial overgrowth with him and he said my presentation is not at all consistent with what he has seen. I have had a coeliac biopsy before which came negative but he said it wouldn't hurt to do the blood test again. Judging that I have gone gluten free for a week and had 0 change and that I don't eat dairy my last guess would be anxiety, This. This right here. Is very frustrating.
  13. I certainly have delayed reactions. I don't think I've ever eaten a food and had an issue right away - it is always at least 1 hour after, but more recently 4-8 hours. I have another quick question. When a person is "glutened" do they have symptoms for a few hours or are they lasting? The reason why I ask, is that I have periods during the day where I am fine even if I ate a lot of dairy or wheat the day before. The gas from yesterday rarely travels into the next day. Yesterday I had the bloating/gas and woke up fine. I was fine for a few hours but like clockwork, in the afternoon, the gas came back. But I have had NO dairy or gluten today. I am curious if glutening issues only occur when there is food in the intestines.
  14. Do you know about breads/carbs etc that contain lactose? Do people generally have the same reactions to them as they would milk if that have Lactose intolerance? I am beginning to really suspect gluten now anyway, I had french toast this morning and now have had bad bubbling gas for a few hours (started 7 hours after eating). I had been gluten free for a week+ and feeling a bit better.
  15. Out of curiosity - does anyone have lactose intolerance here? I am wondering if the lactose content of the bread, french toast/pancakes, cereal etc I have been eating is enough to cause me issues. The counter argument is that I can eat yogurt at 7am and not have gas until 9pm, but since it does vary I am wondering if the my lactose containing food fluctuation might be the culprit. It seems most people get diarrhea too but I haven't, cross fingers, had that just gas and sometimes bloating.