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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I tried a B-vitamin shot about a month ago. Cocktail of B12, B complex, folic acid, and some other nutrient that begins with "L" (cannot read my doc's handwriting). I did notice a slight improvement in energy (more pep). I also noticed when the shot wore off at about day 8 or day 9, right when my doctor said it would (tired earlier in the day). I am taking occasional B12 sublingual and B-complex tablet (ingest) when I remember to and these seem to help some. Good luck.
  2. Sorry to hear your thyroid is giving you fits. Very frustrating indeed. Getting that thing working correctly can be a chore. Last week I had a hyperthyroid flare and headache that was sooo bad it made me want to get the t-ectomy right then and just rely on a full replacement dose of synthetic T4/T3 for the rest of my life. I was quite happy when that thought passed, I can tell you...Anyway, I recently learned that selenium (either supplement or brazil nuts) can help with T4 to T3 conversion, probably old news to you but if not then maybe worth a try. Good luck and keep at it, you will crack the code...
  3. I know very little about hypoglycemia but it seems to me that you should be able to eat a grain-free diet without experiencing low blood sugar episodes. Hopefully you can find a doc to diagnose the root cause of your condition. You might already be doing this but if not, you might consider eating mostly "slow carbs", i.e. foods that digest slowly and do not spike your blood sugar. Google "slow carbs" for a list. Also, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil are good fats that slow down digestion. And meat takes a longer to digest as well so that is another source of slow carbs. Good luck.
  4. Sorry to hear you are having a flare-up. Graves Disease sucks. Unfortunately, I cannot add much insight. My thyroid meds have been keeping me mostly steady so I have not noticed any differences due to diet changes. good luck!
  5. I was taking probiotics daily and sometimes twice daily for about six months and then ran out before I could get to the store. Once I went off of them, I noticed my constipation improved significantly. I am pretty sure that nothing else in my diet changed. I bought some more since but have not added them back yet. I plan to resume eventually to see if this was what was causing the C. It is said often here and continues to be true, everybody is different. For some, probiotics are effective, for me the jury is still out. Good luck finding your own truth!
  6. Has anyone had any success (or problems) with gentian root tea or tincture? Latin name is Gentiana Lutea and apparently it is an herbal bitter that aids in digestion. Thanks.
  7. OP, you might consider the paleo diet. I dropped a few pounds on it, lost my spare tire. And paleo is gluten-free by default. Wikipedia "Paleolithic diet" is a good overview or read the Paleo Diet book by Loren Cordain if you really want to study it. You will need to be prepared to spend significantly more time in the kitchen.. Good luck!
  8. Sorry to hear about your reaction. I had a mild reaction to Estrella Daura about a year ago and at that time it was 6 ppm. I switched to Redbridge by Anheuser Busch and even though it is supposedly 0 ppm, it did not treat me right either. Perhaps I have a sensitivity other than gluten, who knows... It is a bummer because I do miss a good beer occasionally, especially now that the weather is nice....
  9. I am not sure if this answers the question, but I think of the gut as being tasked with double duty, 1) digestion/absorption of food and 2) first line of immune system defense. Whole, clean, minimally processed food is easiest to digest and assimilate which perhaps lightens the burden on the gut portion of the immune system, thus perhaps freeing up more of the total immune system capacity to go after other threats more aggressively...
  10. Primal Blueprint

    I have not read Primal Blueprint but I did read The Paleo Diet (Cordain) shortly after my dx. I found it to be a very good read, very informative, well researched and thoroughly footnoted (not surprising since the guy is a respected PhD and researcher). When I initially went gluten-free, found that thinking about food in terms of what I could *not* eat was limiting and even somewhat depressing. Thinking in terms of "eating paleo" has been more expansive since there is so much I *can* eat, which really helped with my motivation, moving towards something rather than away. I feel very good on the paleo diet, lost my middle-age guy spare tire, and I am able to add more weights every week to the Nautilus machines I work out on at the gym, so it seems to be enabling me to get stronger, not surprising since the diet is so nutrient rich compared to the standard American diet I was eating previously.... Paleo is worth checking out, IMO. From what I know about Sisson, he seems credible so it should be a good read. Good luck!
  11. Is your 34 enterolab casein score a recent test or from 6 years ago before you went GFCFSF? If a recent test, then I would wonder why my casein antibodies were still high after 6 years dairy free. I would also continue to avoid dairy, IMHO.
  12. Good info. I will check it out. Thanks!
  13. I have learned much here but I need to study up on a few things I cannot find here. Where do the thyroid experts go for a deeper dive on thyroid issues? I found one called thyroidboards.com that looked pretty good and I have seen references to about.thyroid.com also. Which one would be best for me to check out? Thank you.
  14. I was feeling a little "off" so I went in for a routine physical. Initial blood test for TSH came in at 0.05 and subsequent blood test showed TSH of 0.02, slightly elevated T4, moderately elevated T3, and further indicated elevated TPO antibodies and elevated TSH receptor antibodies. Thyroid ultrasound showed significant abnormal activity. Diagnosis autoimmune hyperthyroidism a/k/a Graves Disease. Your numbers look good but perhaps your doctor will order up the thyroid antibodies tests just to rule it out for sure... good luck.
  15. My total cholesterol plummeted to 119 (normal range 140-199) around the same time my Graves hyperthyroidism kicked into full gear. My HDL was down to 23 (normal 40-135). My doctor retested about 5 months later once we had my thyroid stabilized and my total cholesterol had returned to a more normal 173 and HDL was back up to 55. He said this scenario was fairly typical with hyperthyroidism, but now I cannot remember why. Since autoimmune thyroidism shows up sometimes with celiac, this might be something to consider. Not sure about the cortisol, we did not track that number... Good luck.