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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Slowed Baby Growth

    Hi I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and baby was growing on 50th centile on chart but dropped to 10th centile from 34 weeks and had a growth scan yesterday and growth now dropped below chart so they have decided to induce labour on friday at 39 weeks. Just wondered if snyone else had encountered this before? Didnt have this with my first 2 babies but wsnt diagnosed with coeliac disease until my youngest was 1 year.
  2. Feeling Angry!

    Thank you for your message weluvgators, very helpful I have taken Charlie to the doctors this morning for reassurance as his stools are still far from solid She said it sounds a bit too much of a coincidence for it to not be the noodles that have caused his tummy troubles but we are to take in a stool sample just to check for bugs! Charlie has made it clear he doesn't want to go back to the base which is understandable but there are occasions when he is going to need to go. I may send him with a pack up. The doctor seemed to think this was a good idea not only to ensure the food he eats is gluten free but also for him to regain confidence in what he is eating is ok.
  3. Feeling Angry!

    Thank you very much for your replies. Much appreciated x
  4. Feeling Angry!

    The school itself is briliant. He has all gluten free dinners there and has had no problems (school lunches are free for all infant children so the scholl must cater to dietry requirements). The base is a separate run after school club but she assured me that other children attend that follow a gluten free diet and they could cater for his needs. I understand what your saying about taking your own food etc. I did ask if I needed to take him something in. Do you think these symptoms are from eating the noodles with it being over a week ago? I have rang the dietician but could only leave a message and wait for a call back. How long do symptoms go on for? I myself am coeliac and gluten free but we havent had an 'accident' like this before x
  5. Hi I haven't posted for a while as since me and my son have been diagnosed and on a gluten free diet for almost 3 years now we have been virtually problem free! However, my son started school last month and all had been fine until he needed to go to The Base which is the wrap around care at school. My partner picked him and up and received a phone call soon after apologising saying she had fed my son gluten noodles!! After trying so hard to keep his diet gluten free this had not only disappointed me but my son was also extremely upset. He got his self so wound up the he threw up. Since then (just over a week ago) his stools have been very loose wit him making in the night with tummy ache and needing to go to the toilet. Today I am unable to send him to school because of this. He has been well in his self but his tummy doesn't seem to have settled. Does anyone know how long these symptoms can go on for?? I feel awful for him. I got myself so upset about it that I haven't been able to approach the club but do need to go in and speak to them and make them aware of how serious the situation is! If this was a child with a peanut allergy they could have ended up in hospital or worse! I filled in the forms properly and stated that Charlie was coeliac and had to have a gluten free diet. I also spoke to the manager in person and was assured they had gluten free food to offer him so how this has happened is hard for me to grasp!!! Any comments would be much appreciated x
  6. Joint Aches And Pains...

    Sorry I don't know why the comment I made above has an empty quote box
  7. Joint Aches And Pains...

    Thanks to you both for getting back to me I have just had bloods done which included U&E's, LFT's, FBC, Folate, Ferritin, Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium and t-TGAb. I have been prescribed Iron and Folic acid supplements but all other were ok. Still waiting on the t-TGAb which I should receive at my dietician appointment. I am from the UK so don't know if tests are the same everywhere? Also, before I was diagnosed I didn't have any 'normal' symptoms of coeliacs disease. No diarrea, sickness, bloatedness, tummy cramps. Infact I wouldn't have known I had it if it wasn't for my dad and son both having it. The only thing I did get were mouth ulcers, infact I hardly spent time without any! So if I did accidentally eat gluten now I would have no idea As far as I know I eat completely gluten free. I would have thought after 18months I would have started to heal but it seems such a slow process
  8. Both me and my son were diagnosed with coeliac disease about 18 months ago now and have been on the diet for as long. I have suffered from achey joints for a while but it has become more noticeable recently. Sometimes my elbows, wrists, knuckles and every joint in my fingers come over with a dull achey feeling which can sometimes be quite painful. Does anyone else suffer with this problem? Is it a direct result of coeliac disease? I see my dietician in 2 weeks time so will see if she can shed any light on the matter. I am also anaemic, could this be why? Any comments would be much appreciated Thank you!
  9. My son was diagnosed with coeliac disease about a year ago, I also have it and found out around the same time. I noticed he was drinking a lot, always asking for drinks, waking in the night thirsty and was uncontrollable if refused a drink. Took him to the doctors yesterday and have now found glucose in his urine so looking like he has diabetes too. Does anyone else or their children have this? Is it common? I have no idea what the implications are...I feel like when he was first diagnosed with coeliac all over again...a dark pit of unknowing If anyone could offer me any advise or information I would be so pleased.
  10. I bought some dates today and it says that the coating contains glucose syrup (made from wheat)...my first reaction was damn I cant eat them now! But I found something saying wheat based glucose syrup is still gluten free...is this true? Can I actually eat them??
  11. I dont really have any of the classic symptoms such as diorea (i dont know how its spelt) or stomach cramps but have always suffered with mouth ulcers as far back as I can remember and after having both my children I have lost weight and cant put it back on. At one point my partner actually asked me if id been eating?! Im always eating!! Whatever the results I think I will try it anyway and see what happens. My daughter has her blood test tomorrow, shes 4 and is really not goin to like it In a way it would be easier if we all just ate gluten free!
  12. Coeliac is supposed to run in families...my father has it (diagnosed about 14+ yrs) and my son has it (diagnosed last week)...whats the chances of me having it? Blood results...no idea what they mean but I know they wernt clear...something was high at 20 (0-15 being normal) and something else being Negative (which being negative instead of positive can affect the first score)...anyone have any idea what this means??? Biopsy...should have the results fairly soon, they said a week (which is tomorrow) but I think thats being rather optimistic!! Id like to know what people think, will I have it or wont I?? Im really eager to get the results!!
  13. Im probably a bit ahead of myself here but with my little boy being coeliac (only got the results yesterday!) and having to get my 4year old tested next, if I did decide i wanted more children when would they need to be tested? Would they have to consume gluten for a period of time beforehand? Im just not clear on it. With my son, he wasnt growing properly and knew he had problems from him being less than a year old. Hes just been diagnosed as coeliac at 2years old. Does anyone on here have a new baby that will need to be tested?? Really finding this site useful and supportive as struggling at the moment so very much appreciate your responses Thank you
  14. Phew its ok petit filous ARE gluten free, iv just looked it up