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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My husband doesn't understand why I don't want to go to parties, especially his family. Some of them know I have Celiac others don't he doesn't think I should go around telling everyone, and if I do say something he gets upset. Its a loose/loose situation for me and I am so sick and tired about it. I have been diagnosed with Celiac 3 months ago, and it has been a rocky road. Especially since I lost 60% of my hair and just learned why going gluten free was not helping (who would have thought to buy gluten free shampoo). His parents know I have Celiac, and we went to a party last weekend, I set by his dad and only took potatoes and a salad barbecue I knew everything else was unsafe, and in front of everyone his dad says that I should take some meat, that it wont hurt me, and that I can always rinse it out in water. I told him no thank you and went on eating, and then he brings me a beer and opens it up and gives up to me telling me that it won't hurt me, and of course the cake with him and others asking why I am not eating and that I should finally stop dieting (I was on a diet and lost 60lbs in 13 weeks last year, they think I am still trying to do it and am just covering it up with this) I am sick and tired of going to parties and watching everyone eat, my husband doesn't think bringing my own food looks good, but I can't eat anything and if we are there for a while I do get hungry especially when I see everyone eat. Then of course is the fact that people look at me like I am an alien and unappreciative because I don't eat the food. We have a party this weekend and I don't want to go, but he doesn't understand why. I am sick and tired of explaining this, he doesn't understand that I have to live with this for the rest of my life, and its not easy. We have been together for 6 years, and have two kids, I love him but I am starting to think this marriage will never work, because of this. I can't keep on shedding tears over this and been depressed. What is wrong with bringing my own food? Standing up for me? What is wrong with telling people that I have Celiac and can't eat what they are eating?
  2. Cosmetics

    I use whole foods 365 lavender for normal and oily hair. I use their the same conditioner 365 lavender. Its only 2.99$ a bottle and I am so glad I found it. No more hair falling out
  3. Cosmetics

    I never thought this would make a difference, but every since I started using gluten free hair products my hair not only look fuller, they are not falling out anymore. YAY!!! After loosing over 60% of my hair this is awesome. I am having acne problems as well, and decided to switch my cosmetics to gluten free, I am looking for eye liners, mascara, and foundation and wanted to see if anyone know of any that are gluten free. I have tried contacting companies but have learned that unless you provide them with a specific item they won't tell you much, and the ones I have can't be guaranteed gluten free. I would really appreciate any insight on this.
  4. I would like to know how you were diagnosed, and if you don't mind what your tests results were. I am curious
  5. This will be my first Christmas as a Celiac and I am still learning, although my sister has Celiac she is the kind of a Celiac that cheats on her diet so my whole family thinks that its okey to cheat sometimes I am suppose to bring cake and I am hoping that you guys can give me some suggestions of cakes I can find that are gluten free that everyone can enjoy. My mom said she will make some gluten free stuff for me and my sister but I insisted that I will bring my own, she isn't to happy about it but she will not let me make enough for everyone because she has to have the ones that contain gluten. Makes me said but oh well I will still make enough and I will be curious to see if people can tell the difference. We are also going to my husbands family and not all of them know I have Celiac, I am from Poland and we have the tradition of breaking first communion wafers (in larger size) with each other and wishing each other well. How do I deal with this, as I can't eat it obviously? I don't want to look like an idiot or someone who doesn't appreciate the wish but I also don't want to step in the door and tell them I have Celiac I can't eat anything you made unless you tell me exactly whats in there. My in laws know but not all of the extended family. Any tips on how to decline things and not hurt others feelings, how to deal with Christmas in general, and any good store bought cakes like from Whole foods or trader joes? Thank you
  6. I just got written lab results and I am confused, I thought I had this all straighten out Beginning of November Gliadin antibody IGA 56 HIGH (cut off 18) TTG antibody 111.6 Positive <20 I then went on a two week diet and doctor told me to repeat these tests in a different lab End of November Anti deamidated Gliadin Iga 258 HIGH (cut off 20) TTG antibody 68 Positive <20 So I was all scared and really no explanation of why my TTG went down and my IGA went up, now I am more confused because I don't know what the difference is between these tests, and what does it mean when I have all three positive Please help
  7. I was diagnosed with Celiac three weeks ago and since going gluten free my problems seemed to have gone away. My sister has Celiac and she likes to cheat on her diet, I decided that this isn't for me and I want to be as healthy as possible. She is doing Christmas dinner and my mom is helping her. We are from Europe so a lot of dishes take time to find the right recipe to re-create. I recreated one of the soups and suggested to my mom that instead of making a regular gluten soup we can make this one and everyone can eat it and enjoy it the same because it tastes the same and takes the same amount of time. I even suggested I will make it. The response I got from my sister was no problem, but my mom said I shouldn't make to much because she will make a regular one as well. I asked her to make something for my birthday and put gluten free pasta in that I bought, instead she gave me everything prepared and made a separate gluten free pasta and a separate regular pasta. My mom believes that I am overreacting because my sister cheats on her diet, and she thinks a little gluten won't hurt. I even stopped eating there. I am also considering bring my own food for Christmas. My dad wants to get tested but she is talking him out of it and won't get tested either because she has no classic symptoms, when in fact she has many that could go with celiac and so does my dad. I just don't understand why she would want me to get sick Me and my husband talked about getting the kids on a gluten free trial as well but she watches our kids from time to time and she thinks I am crazy for even thinking to do this. How do you deal with people like this especially when they are your close family? I feel so sad and it just makes me want to cry, I just want her to understand and not lie to me, and its not like gluten free foods tastes any worst or that it will kill her.
  8. So at the beginning of November I had my TTG and IGA tests done TTG 111.6 RANGE <20 POSITIVE IGA 56 RANGE <18 HIGH I was on a gluten free diet for about two weeks and repeated these tests in a different lab and here are the resutsl TTG 68 RANGE <20 POSITIVE IGA 268 RANGE <18 HIGH Why is it that after going gluten free my IGA rose and my TTG dropped, my idiot doctor has no explanation and my GI told me to see him in 6 months What is wrong with this?
  9. I bought three different types of gluten free bread and they are disgusting, what can I make with them so that they don't go to waste? Two of them are rice and one is tapioca
  10. If you think you have Celiac go gluten free right away you don't want to cause any more damage. What tests did you have done and what were the results? What are your symptoms? My partner was semi supporting until he heard it from the doctor himself that eating gluten can cause me more damage and money than going gluten free.
  11. I just didn't think a two week diet would make a drop like that, I guess I am now diagnosed for sure, it's just hard getting this to my head
  12. Hair Loss?

    I haven't because they told me that there is nothing anyone can do for me until I get my TTG to normal levels, but oh men is it hard loosing all that hair I would think that this is definitely Celiac like, and if you feel better not eating gluten than I would use that as a diagnosis, and I wouldn't want to gluten myself either especially if I was feeling better off gluten.
  13. My original TTg antibody were 111.6 two weeks after going gluten free they are 68, <20 range. Is a drop like this normal?
  14. Hair Loss?

    I am so sorry to hear about you problems, but congrats on the exercise. I was determined to loose weight in June, I lost 50lbs in 13 weeks, and starting feeling horrible out of nowhere. I had no energy, I could barely get out of bed. I lost about 60% of my hair from July till now. I have to tell you that everyone was telling me its because of the exercise and the stress and the weight loss, and in fact it was but not completely. My family doctor ordered some tests which showed that my TTG and IGA antibodies were positive, I saw a Gastroenterologist and he confirmed without a biopsy because my sister has celiac and I had symptoms and the positive blood tests which I heard is really hard to get that I have Celiac. I have been off gluten for about 2 weeks and my TTG went from 113 to 68 so I am getting there. My hair is still falling out but I know that will take time, I never thought I would have it but I do, and your story really hits close to home, I would find a gastroenterologist and try with him, as I can tell you my family doctor was anything but helpful or knowledgeable. Plus your blood may be negative for Celiac but a biopsy might show something different especially since you have family history. Good luck to you