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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. thanks for all the answers...i went to the gi and he said if my husbands blood work is also normal I will get scoped, but also that eating gluten free might help me as well
  2. Good afternoon. So heres the story...my four year old just got diagnosed with celiac. We were told to have the family tested...I figure it must be me carrying it because Ive had stomach issues all my life and my husband has had none and also my dad has a lot of stomach issues. Well I just got a call saying that the blood test came back normal. SO I was just wondering if anyone out there has had a normal blood test but still had celiac? Thanks!
  3. Thats what i was thinking...why wait for more damage??? Seemed crazy to me. After I went to the next appointment and he told me to give her more wheat bread, whole grain, etc to make her go to the bathroom I knew it was time to find someone else...luckily I got an appointment right away
  4. thanks everyone....i did go get a second opinion. Handed the new doctor the same results from the old doctor(both are GI specialist) and she said she thinks she does have celiac. All set up with a nutritionist and everything so hopefully things will get better
  5. I need some opinions about what to do about my 4 year old. She had extreme bloating (like looks like shes pregnant) by the end of the day. When she wakes up her tummy is flat. And she had always had trouble going to the bathroom. She is now on miralax and she had a endoscopy done, as suggested by the doctor, because she had a high marker for celiac. When the results came in she had a little damage in one of the biopsies but the doctor said he wouldn't diagnose her with celiac because its only a tiny bit of damage and he said to keep gluten in her diet. Im just trying to figure out where the damage came from and why she is bloating so much. Also she will have 3 Huge BM sometimes during the day and still be bloated at night. Help please?! Im thinking of getting a second opinion.