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  1. Anxious Every Time I Come To Work!

    I've stopped being surprised by my coworkers' insensitivity - there have been far too many incidents since I was diagnosed last year. Last Christmas I took a snack for myself to the party, this year I will do the same. Or maybe I'll stay home and watch Dr Phil. Has he done a show on insensitive coworkers? But seriously, what kind of person takes peanut butter cookies to a workplace where a coworker is deathly allergic? And then jokes about it? But sadly I work with people like that too. If they dont care about people that could die from their carelessness what chance do we have? So to all the insensitive people out there I wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope that karma reaches out and bites you.
  2. Or you could invite her over to your house to do some baking with you and send some goodies home all wrapped up for her to put in her freezer. Then she could bring goodies that you know are safe when she brings in treats for the class.
  3. I had the sandwich nightmares for months, they've now been replaced by the Chapmans ice cream nightmares - so tasty, always glutenfree and so reasonably priced, but alas, not lactose free, I often wonder what will be next and pray that it wont be wine!
  4. I did the "I am an idiot" thing this summer. After 2 months of horrible stomach pain and bloating, I read back thru my journal and there it was - ate cheese, got pain and nausea, ate ice cream - pain and nausea and bloating, sick after eating a bowl of Corn Chex - maybe its the corn??? So after my one functioning brain cell kicked on, I realized hey its dairy so now I use almond milk and buy hideously expensive fake ice cream and I dont even miss dairy anymore. , That was a big shock cause I said back when I was diagnosed celiac that it would be easier to give up gluten than dairy (what did I know, I was just a newbie....) and now I've given up both - and survived A friend of mine who has a dairy farm told me that unpasteurised milk would be OK and I didn't believe her! I'm going to check that out.
  5. I definitely had horrible digestive issues when I ate brown rice, early on when i went gluten free my reactions were alot worse than they are now - I have not been glutened in the last several months but I have recently become lactose intolerant and possibly corn as well. And the bloated stomach is the first thing that happens - I know how awful that feels. On my bloaty days I try to eat less and drink Boost meal replacements, they are gluten-free and lactose free so OK for me. That seems to help my stomach as its easier to digest. The one thing that has saved me over the years (I went undiagnosed for 8 yrs) was acupuncture. It relieves my digestive system, and it relaxes me and takes me to my Zen place which is exactly where I need to be on those bad days. Hang in there...
  6. Oh one thing I would ask about is if they use "Swheat" brand cat litter as it is made from wheat and is very dusty.
  7. I work as a vet tech and have never had a problem at work. I do try to keep little critters from licking my face, and wash my hands frequently and never touch my mouth with my hands without washing them first. My pets are not on gluten free food and no problems at home either. The only time I have been glutened by animal feed was when I inhaled dusty pelleted food that i was mixing up for my sheep so I wear a mask now when I am working with it..
  8. I never resolved my cc issues until I stopped using plastic containers - in the microwave or when baking. Since I switched to glass containers I have been fine. And yeah, I also use ziploc bags for storage and to freeze things.
  9. Finally Found What Works For Me

    I think I may be going down that road too. I've been gluten free 1 year now and not doing as well as I should be.I gave up dairy and corn a month ago and that helped alot so I think paleo might be the way to go for me.
  10. Thank You

    oh a celiac whisperer, that is so true.
  11. Shared Dishes And Cc Risks

    I bring all my own plates, utensils in my lunch bag. Our workplace kitchen is possibly cleaner than a toxic waste dump but not by much. My coworkers routinely leave crumbs everywhere and dont seem to care in the least that I am celiac. Or dont remember. If I was going to use anything in the workplace kitchen I would wash it first not just because it might not be cleaned properly but also because someone might have touched it with their gluteny hands and then put it back. I used to leave my own stuff in a drawer in the kitchen til I found someone using my stuff - so now I bring everything in from home.
  12. Qestion For Moms & Pet Owners

    I just try to keep kiddies and pets away from my face (easier said than done sometimes) and I religiously wash my hands before handling my food...and then again just before eating it..and sometimes again in between bites...yes, I know, I've gotten just a little paranoid!
  13. Lame Things I'm Mourning!

    Oh I hear you....I had the most wonderful toaster, it toasted things perfectly - it was my best friend in the morning (next to my coffee maker). When I was replacing things I could not find that model anywhere and had to settle for something different. Sigh....
  14. Bunny Owners

    I have been reading this thread with interest because I just cc'd myself last weekend while cleaning out the bin that my sheeps' alfalfa pellets were in. I developed muscle and joint pain and stiffnes and am still having some wild mood swings - usual symptoms for me when I get contaminated - but all the GI symptoms are missing...so I am getting different reaction to breathing in the offending gluten as opposed to eating it. Maybe that is the case with you too. I checked out the alfalfa pellets last fall - they are made with pure alfalfa, no wheat starch filler, so I have not been as careful as I should be when working with them. But I never considered til now that the alfalfa itself is more than likely contaminated with wheat. And it would be if it was grown in rotation with grain crops. Ugh, live and learn.
  15. Overwhelmed

    Since I live in a rural area, shopping gluten free meant going to several stores as everyone had just a few different products. I was very very fortunate to find a fellow celiac close to my neighborhood who very kindly invited me to his house and showed me the stuff he bought, told me where to find it and even gave me some of the snacks to try first before spending money on stuff I might not like. So if there is a local celiac group in your area that can tell you where the best places are to shop etc, that might be worth looking into. I still hate reading labels so I generally just cruise the produce section and buy only a few of my favorite packaged foods. and if a company is kind enough to put a big old gluten free sticker on their label then I will be their friend for life. In the meantime, keep reading here, even in my darkest moments, I found something on here that would enlighten me or perk me up and its very comforting to know that there are a whole bunch of people who know exactly what you are going through.