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  1. Any groups that meet in Escondido/San Marcos area? I am a newbie would like to get some shared ideas and help. Lyn
  2. Iam so glad that I found this site, I was just called yesterday and informed that I have Celiac Sprue Disease and was told to get on a Gluten-Free diet and see the Dr. after being gluten free for 4 wks. I was blown away and thought/said huh?? what is gluten free and what do I do how??? I was devestated. Today after reading this forum and collecting ideas of foods I can eat I feel it will take me sometime but I will be able to do this. I have had stomach problems for years, was diagnosed w/ Hypoglycemia which Dr.'s ragggg on nowadays so you feel silly and I kept letting it go, thankfully for a endoscopy and colonoscopy they took biopsies and the blood tests it was confirmed.. I feel like maybe Iam not as crazy as I was starting to feel.. Thank you all for being so kind and helpful it sure has made me feel like I can do this. Lyn