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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello, I live in Canada. My family doctor told me to take 2 x 5 mg of folic acid and 1000 IU vitamin D per day. This is in addition to a multivitamin her colleague prescribed previously that contains 1 mg of folic acid and 400 IU vitamin D. Apart from that, I get those vitamins daily from soy drink, kefir etc., where they are added, not to mention their natural sources. When I asked the doctor about my actual blood levels for folic acid she said they didn't test it because they never do. So this is all just as a precaution. To be honest, I feel a little bit overdosed! As I take it, folic acid is important especially for the first couple of weeks, but she gave it to me at week 8 and wants me to take that huge amount during the whole pregnancy. Does anyone know the reason for that? In general, I'm wondering how much vitamin D and folic acid doctors recommended/prescribed to other celiacs in Canada and the US? Thank you!!!
  2. Aversion To Gluten-Free Bread Since Pregnancy

    Lumpia seems to be an excellent idea! (I didn't know this name till now, to be honest!) Thank you!
  3. Gluten Free Prenatal Vitamin

    I'm afraid I don't know any good advice myself. The one my doctor prescribed contained a very high dose of folic acid (5 mg)and was so impudently expensive that, after some research and musing, I decided not to take it. I have to add that I am not a properly examined celiac, but have been on a diet for a long time. I just take Materna (huge, pink bricks, almost impossible to swallow) with 1 mg Folic Acid, and lots of omega-3-pills (made out of seaweed so that they don't taste of fish). However, it would be interesting to know how much folic acid and Vitamin D the doctor recommended to you (everyone)? Both amounts she recommended seemed very high dosage to me. Thank you!
  4. Hello, maybe someone experienced the same thing. Since I am pregnant, I can't stand one single of the gluten free breads offered on the market. I guess I just find yeast or eggs disgusting at the moment, or sugar where it doesn't belong to. I admit I've always found gluten-free bread a difficult issue - back in Germany as well as here in Toronto. Sometimes I imagine the German pumpernickel style bread would work for me now, but who knows. You don