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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been sick with what I'm sure is celiac for two years now. I had been having itchy burning feet and kept thinking I had athletes foot. So I used the creams , did everything and it was still there. I went camping for a week, ate and drank alot of beer! I noticed I was really tired and cranky. I had really weird bowel movements the whole time! It was so hot the last day I felt like my skin was seriously frying like an egg on the hot pavement, and I was completely covered so my skin wasn't exposed! So, the next day went home and Bam! The bottom of my feet clear up to my knees were on fire! So the first doc said I was having an allergy attack but didn't know to what! so did steroids and felt better until they were gone, then it was back! I would get like red dots on my skin, but they were like under the skin. So, then they thought it could be my discoid lupus. After the bloodwork, the doctor said it could be the gluten, but you can't tell one auto immune from another. I have been off the gluten for a yeAr now and feeling alot better, but still struggle. I know I am completely celiac. I can't tolerate soy, and eggs even bother me. My blood test was negative, but they say it's hard to pick up on it in your blood. The more I read about it, I think it was coming on along time. Always had constipation then the other. Got put on thyroid medication 8years ago, joint pain, fatigue, mood swings, tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. Memory loss, the list goes on and on! Anyway, just curious about others. And how this really sucks!!!
  2. I Don't Have Celiac.

    Doctor tested me for Celiac and it was negative. So i think it's just Gluten intolerance. Doc told me to take a allergy pill every day and avoid gluten. The allergy pill seems to make it feel better. My cheeks are not as red either. But sometimes when i eat certain things i will still burn a little bit. So what else could be hidden that im reacting to, having a hard time pinpointing it! Does anybody with the gluten intolerance burn in the feet and the legs as well? Also notice i will get like a bump on the inside of my mouth on my bottom lip, which comes and go's! This is so frustrating!!
  3. I have had burning skin for over a year now. It started out on my feet and progressed to my legs and then all over. I have discoid lupus so the doctor thought it turned systemic in my skin. I have red cheeks as well. I started to notice when i would eat i would burn. So,now i have cut out the gluten, for three weeks. It feels a little better, but still there. I can't tolerate heat or the sun either.I think it may be a combo of my lupus and celiac. I go back to the doc on the 5th of Dec. Can they test you for celiac? When he first did my blood work, my glycoprotien was elevated. If you look that up they talk about the gluten and celiac. I am sick of feeling this way!!