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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I found an endocrinologist with really good reviews, who prescribes armour thyroid based on symptoms and labs (not just labs). I am in the process of obtaining all my medical records to bring to that appt. on Monday. I am hoping that helps! Thanks for the link to stop the madness-It has been very helpful!!!
  2. I have never heard of Addison's, will look it up. I am hoping my endo will put me on armour as well. What are some ways to go about discussing this with my endo (without sounding like I have no idea what I am talking about)?
  3. I was just going to post about the exact same issues. I am fatigued and big time brain fog. I can't even remember what I am trying to say mid-sentence. I am completely off gluten and my stomach pains did go away (neg blood test for celiacs). I am seeing my endo this Friday, and was looking for advice on what to say. My TSH levels are about the same as yours (2.3). I do not feel normal either. My thyroid is enlarged with a goiter. I am gaining weight despite exercising 5 times a week (running and weights). I am hoping my endo goes by how I feel and not just bloodwork.
  4. I had a couple at our bon-fire last night-turns out they have dextrin in them...Does anyone know if kraft jet-puffed marshmellow dextrin is made from wheat?
  5. I am on UNDA numbers 1, 20, and 243... You mentioned thyroid antibodies...did you get a dx of hashimotos? The reason I'm asking is because cruciferous (SP?) veggies are not good for thyroid function (kale, broccoli, cauliflower) Also...I have read that the risk of getting a false negative is much higher for people with hashimotos...I will see if I can dig up where I read that. Probably on here...these people have been an amazing resource and wealth of knowledge!
  6. Hi there T, I am in the same boat (off gluten for 2 weeks now) Just finally heard today my bloodwork was negative. Because I have been off gluten, I am not going to pursue further testing. The severe gas pains, bloating, and cramping has stopped. I have lost a few pounds, and the swelling in my face has gone down. IIf I do not have celiacs, I have an obvious intolerance plus several other autoimmune diseases. However, I still get some headaches as well, and I am still fatigued. What detox drops do you take? My ND has me on UNDA numbers biotherapeutic drainage). I haven't noticed that they are helping much-but who knows when it is in conjunction with dietary changes. What are you putting in the smoothie? Have you considered cutting out dairy as well? I cut out both gluten and dairy. I had a little dairy yesterday and ended up with D all morning. I realized that both are affecting me!
  7. Thank you, yes I am off dairy as well! I don't think I am going to re-introduce it as I am feeling so much better without both in my diet.
  8. my celiac test came back negative. Now I need to decide if I want to explore further testing, or just stay off wheat because I feel better. I am thinking the latter-maybe I will *try* gluten over the holidays and see if the stomach issues start up again. Then I worry the small amount will increase the attacks on my thyroid, so I am leaning towards just staying "gluten intolerant". Maybe the chiro who specializes in gluten intolerances will be able to help me out some as well...
  9. Grain Fed Meats

    thanks! and bummer that you are not feeling better My Dr. has nicknamed me "autoimmune girl" however, she says it is all genetics...I don't buy that. I think food plays a big role. I am hoping to heal my gut as well!
  10. gotcha-I am not good at forums, or where to post things. I'm learning!
  11. Grain Fed Meats

    I was just diagnosed with hashi about 2 weeks ago...I was told that based on my labs my thyroid is functioning within a normal range, so I am not on any meds. I am waiting to get my lab results so I can post them on here and gain some advice on how to progress. I do not have many symptoms-just cold intolerance, reynauds, and sometimes anxiety/heart palpitations (I think because I swing between hypo-hyper). Any recommendations for thyroid diet? All I have read so far is lots of protein is good. I have been eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast-salmon or chicken for dinner. We use to eat a ton of tofu but I think I am reacting to soy-I get very gassy.
  12. Grain Fed Meats

    no, I'm not that hypersensitive, although I do love brocoli. I was actually in the process of cutting out meats and eating more grains and vegetables until all these health issues came about. Now I am reading a ton about the importance of meats-especially with my thyroid.
  13. Grain Fed Meats

    that makes sense, thanks!
  14. thank you! That is my 2 year old I can't bring myself to cut his curls! Thyroids are nasty-I haven't even began to figure that one out yet. I'm taking it one day at a time, and learning a ton!