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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. sorry for all the bad spelling :s
  2. I feel the same way, i am a 22 year old female. You just cant let things get you down. Its good to have friends that support you, i have some who think i am kidding about CC and just go "well you can just eat it now it won’t hurt you". I am a nurse so its good because i get to rant to all my co-workers, and in-turn they understand everything more. I always eat before i go out, and bring a snack bar with me everywhere i go. I get down sometimes to and think how nice it would be to just take a pill everyday and then eat everything i see how great would that be ! (We can dream can’t we ?? haha). I don’t know why girls would think it’s weird, you’re looking after your health to look and feel better, just like they do when they do their hair and make-up and eat salad to stay fit. Whenever I feel down I go to work (I work on a Peds floor) and see all the very sick and dying kids then get mad at myself for feeling like this, we get to do what we want see who we want live where we want. I have had the same issue, I cant seem to find anyone around my age who has celiac too, and I feel adults don’t really get it sometimes. We don’t plan our lives like they do, so when its 3am and ur hungry and all your friends want to go to a burger joint and just look at you, you just want to die. I always bake some really good like banana bread and cake then freeze it so when I am hungry I can just pull it out and have some normal tasting food. I have the same lonely feeling at time, even though I have a big family that supports me lots of friends and a boyfriend who does everything. So I don’t think there is really anything we can do, well I bought a bunch of pets and they make me feel better . Just remember you need to do it, people are fighting for their lives every day in the hospitals you can’t let food get you down. Maybe volunteer at a cancer floor or on a Peds floor, it might bring up your spirits to help other and see people worse off and still happy and enjoying life to the fullest. Just a thought. Hope this helped a little, I feel for ya
  3. Cuba - Need Help

    Thank you very much !
  4. Cuba - Need Help

    Hello, I am pretty new to doing this gluten free thing (about 6 months). I am going to Cuba soon for my best friend
  5. Soo my brother a is a chef and his girlfriend is a baker, needless to say i lucked out! She made me this Banana breed the other day and AHHHH it was soo good. Better then "normal"gluten free bread i swear ! I dont know where she got the recipe but i am happy she found it thats for sure. Here is how to make it. I know there is a lot of stuff in it that we don't normally have but try it please 1 cup quinoa flour 1 cup ground almonds (or any nut you like) 2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp ground cardamom pinch of nutmeg 1 cup pf sugar pinch of salt 3 eggs 3 ripe bananas 1 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 cup of melted butter or veg oil Heat oven to 340F Mix wet ingredients and dry ingredients together, without over mixing. Pour into a greased loaf pan, and bake for 1 hour, or until a toothpick comes clean Enjoy, I know you will
  6. I am 21 and when i found out that i was a celiac needless to say it was not welcomed, and kind of depressing at times. But the more you spend living with this i feel it gets better. Chips i find are very good "normal" food that i can eat with everyone else, also betty crocker has gluten free cake mix and it is pretty good. If you live in canada presidents choice has a new Gluten free cookie out from their TV show, and it good. Cheese, nuts, yogurt, fruit, candy bars, are all good but make sure to read whats in them 1st of course As for lunches Gluten Free Pantry has pizza mix for the doe, so you can make up some gluten free pizza they can take to school with them. Or get a deep fryer and make some deep fryed food the night before (wings, fries..) and they can bring it to school and warm it up. (i do this all the time ) hope this helps out a bit
  7. So i dont know how many of you live in or near Newmarket Ont, but there is a fair bit of gluten free restaurants. Here is a list of some of them and there websites... Gabby's (my favorite ) - http://www.gabbys.ca/ There gluten free menu- http://www.gabbys.ca/images/menus/menu_gluten_newmarket_1009.pdf Montanas - http://www.montanas.ca/ There gluten free menu- http://www.glutenfreeplanet.ca/menus/gfmontanas.pdf Lone Star Gill - http://www.lonestartexasgrill.com/ There gluten free menu- http://www.lonestarsteakhouse.com/files/menu-glutenfree.aspx Moxies Wendys There gluten free menu- http://www.wendys.ca/food/pdf/ca/gluten_free_list.pdf Big Bone BQQ - http://bigbonebbq.ca/ - you can have anything thats smoked not fried and there salads, and the BBQ sauce is gluten free And there is more but i am getting tired of looking up there websites haha hope this helps someone
  8. I have no idea why she would say this, seems a little weird to me. Also steroids make it worse, so dont use your steroid creams!! I have been trying to use tea tree oil, but it just stings my face and makes everyone not want to be around me because it smells so strong haha I am going to try and use that grapefruit seed extract, thanks
  9. soooo i went to the doctors a few days ago because i was getting fed up with a rash i just got around my nose that wont go away. She told me its a form of perioral dermatitis and due to having being a celiac. ugh . She also said there really isn't anything we can do to get rid of it, but its soar and gross. Does anyone have this issue and know to get it to go away? Any help would help!! Christine
  10. wow i didnt know it was this much work. And you have to keep the bills of the "normal" food, reallyyyy... Has anyone else found a easier way to do this? I am a nursing student so i dont have lots of extra cash so any little bit back would help, but saying that being a nursing student i dont have the time to do all this. Canada makes me think sometimes that they have their thinking process a little whacked up!!
  11. I was also looking into buying a bread machine. I made the gluten free pantry french bread and pizza mix in the oven the other week and it turned out pretty good (a little heavy, but good), so i thought a bread machine would make the bread more light and fluffy. But looking into this i see most people say it turns out better in the oven, and more of a mess to clean up with the machine.. What do you guys think? Christine
  12. Sooo i was in Toronto this past weekend and went to a food show, and came across Hot Mamas. All there stuff is gluten free and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I bought myself 6 jars of diffrent stuff and my family loved it soo much itis pretty much gone already. Check it out !! http://www.hotmamas.ca/