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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sorry to hear that you're having such a difficult time; I'm experiencing similar issues so I know how scary it can be, especially the weird reactions to medications!! The best advice I can give is to go back to the absolute basics. Feed yourself the way you would feed a sick infant; rice, lamb, chicken, vegetables, fruits, maybe eggs. Always whole foods, organic where possible. Probiotics, digestive enzymes & a good vitamin/mineral supplement a must! To help soothe the digestive tract eat pears, pumpkin, aloe vera juice & slippery elm bark powder. Most importantly, do not eat the same thing every day to avoid developing allergies to those foods - switch it up every 3 days. Avoid corn too. Good luck & hang in there - it does get easier!!
  2. Glutened And Anxiety

    I've found that my gluten-induced anxiety is related to magnesium deficiency. Magnesium binds to undigested fats so is quickly depleted with malabsorption. The easiest way to boost magnesium levels is to absorb through the skin. Epsom salts are actually magnesium sulphate. 1 to 2 cups in a warm bath for 20 minutes helps to reduce the anxiety immediately. Good luck!
  3. Since I am from eastern Canada I can't give you specific suggestions for Vancouver. However, I will advise to to be very careful with what may seem like familiar products. I often see product recommendations from celiacs in the U.S. but when I check they have different ingredients when manufactured/sold in Canada. Good luck!!
  4. Visalus, or Body by Vi, shakes say they are gluten free but the label also says that they're made in a facility that processes wheat. I have given up on them - some batches are ok and some made me sick. I've just heard about Sunwarrior protein shakes that are supposed to be allergen-free; no gluten, soy or dairy as it is made from rice. Maybe check them out online.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that you still aren't feeling well. Have you eliminated gluten in other aspects of your life? It took months to figure out that I was getting exposed to gluten through hair products, cosmetics, shaving cream, and our dogs' food & treats. I've even gotten sick from licking an envelope, and from drywall compound dust when my husband was renovating our basement! My friend is certain that some brands of cigarettes cause her celiac symptoms. Hopefully you will find that the culprit is some hidden gluten. If not, perhaps you should look into the possibilty that you, like so many of us, may have other food sensitivities. Lactose is a common one, especially in the early days (months!) of healing. Also, remember that many naturally gluten-free foods have been cross-contaminated at some point and are not Gluten-Free! Good luck- hope you get it figured out soon!
  6. Yummy Date Balls

    You have discovered the basic Larabar recipe!! Approximately 8 dates and 1/2 to 1/3 cup chopped nuts makes 4 bars. I've made most of the flavours by copying the ingredients from the Larabars; they are alot cheaper if you make your own! My favourite variation is pistachio-lime, made with 1/2 c pistachios plus 1 tbsp lime juice and the zest of one lime. Hmmm, it would be really good coated in coconut - I'll have to try that!
  7. Sorry, I don't have your miracle recipe but I did go through the same thing with my son. Perhaps you can start by adding more nutrition to his beloved pancakes? I always add several tbsp. of hemp hearts as well as mashed banana and/or berries or other fruits to pancakes mixes. You could also use chia, flax, and probably even some form of quinoa ( maybe flakes?). I also gave my son "special" weekend pancakes; thin buckwheat crepes filled with organic yogurt & warm fruit then sprinkled with hemp hearts & a drizzle of honey. He liked these so much that they were a great transition to breakfast parfaits; layers of fruit, yogurt, hemp hearts & honey drizzle (in a parfait glass, of course!). Good luck, hope this helps.
  8. The muscle weakness is likely related to magnesium deficiency. Magnesium binds to undigested fats & is excreted; it is also depleted by digestion of sugars. Low magnesium also causes heart palpitations, tachycardia (rapid heart rate), insomnia & mental changes like anxiety. Epsom salts are actually magnesium sulphate - 2 to 3 cups in a warm bath (stay in for 20 minutes) after being glutened is a very effective treatment. It relieves gas and helps prevent the constipation that often follows, similar to Milk of Magnesia. When I cannot have an Epsom salts bath I take a powdered Vitamin C/Mineral supplement. 1/4 tsp in a bit of juice or water also works quite well to minimize the reaction.