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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sudden Insomnia After Going Gluten Free

    I have exactly the same issue, lately I've been waking up two to three times in a night where as before it was only about 5 hours in. I'm not as tired as I would have been but I hate laying in bed the last two hours of the night unable to fall back asleep. Eating also helps me a bit. And I know I shouldn't but I generally wake up and have a cigerette, sometimes I feel really shaky and need to vomit but that's usually only the first few days. BTW My name is also Kara
  2. My biopsy same back clear but it was after being ill and unable to eat for a few days.
  3. Need Help With New Symptoms

    It seems like I get heart burn after eating almost everything, and have lost my appetite due to the discomfort. I'm assuming my stomach is pretty damaged so is there any way I can repair that a bit faster
  4. I have been gluten free for six days, I know thats not long but before being glutened I had been clean for three weeks except for once a week splurging for an atnt's sandwhich. I know now to stay away entirely but im still having a lot of eating issues. Prior to starting this diet I was maybe getting 600 calories a day and I'm trying to increase that but it seems like I keep feeling ill. I've seen a lot on the forums about cutting soy and diary, how necessary is that? Will my stomach heal without cutting those things?
  5. Lately since going gluten free almost everything gives me heartburn. Even mashed potatoes with almost no seasoning. Oddly the only things I have no reaction to are carrots, grapes, and delimex taquitos. I know if my stomach is damaged it would be good to start an enzyme or probiotic but how do I know how bad my stomach is damaged without tests? I got an Endoscopy done of my upper gi and found it clear so other than testing, is there a way? Are your symptoms worsened by more prolonged use of gluten or will they come and go with varying levels of pain? If you took a probiotic, how long (am I gonna be on this forever?) And how quick did you start noticing results? Same with enzymes? Are there any other ways you've found to ease the pain of accidental glistening?
  6. I am a rather unhealthy, 23 year old female with a history of odd eating problems. When I was 13 I started having reactions anytime I ate pizza, especially at school, i'd be running to the bathroom ten minutes back into class and that lasted straight through high school. Even now on occasion if I go to lunch with coworkers and order a sandwhiches, I'm in the bathroom nearly half an hour later. Also when I was 13 I was diagnosed with mild anorexia which cleared up after a moment of self realization three years later, I never was hospitalized or that severe but I have read studies that show in children gluten disease can show up as anorexia because eating is actually painful for the patient. Well about six months ago I woke up in the middle of the night puking up blood and bile so my room mate made me go to the urgent care, they suggested I get an Endoscopy which I did about two weeks later but the doctors found nothing. They gave me some potassium tablets since my levels were low and I felt better after two weeks of eating healthier, exercising, and drinking no soda. I resumed me usually diet of one meal once a day of some grande fast food meal ( generally diary queen, arbies, chipotle, sonic, and pizza) and was fine for another three months. Then about a month ago after eating a chicken strip basket and having a gin a tonic, in the middle of the night I was awake puking up blood all over again. This time I did some research and thought maybe it could be a food allergy so I cut back on gluten, I was starting to feel a lot better then three weeks in, I had a weekend full of gluten followed by a Monday full of uncontrollable puking. I was worried since I had had a few beers the night before but I have never been that sensitive. So I am trying to figure out if staying gluten free is best or if it could be just my diet in general causing me problems, here are my symptoms; Depression Mood swings Hair loss Vomiting and constant nausea Feeling of starving Inability to eat, difficulty swallowing as if air is trapped Constitution/diarrhea Difficulty consentrating Dehydration Occasional panic attacks Restless legs when sleeping Falling asleep randomly (difficulty sleeping in bed) I'm very lethargic until I eat and eating is incredibly difficult for me anytime this happens, for the last three weeks I had been noticing relief and now I feel like I'm back to the beginning. So does this sound like gluten and if so are there any ways for me to relieve the pain or at least duration of these attacks, it seems to be two weeks before I'm back to normal. (Also why would it have disappeared for three months even though I only changed my diet for three weeks, then I became much more sensitive?)
  7. I feel like all I've done for months is surf forumns like these, it was this forumn in fact last month that made me think it might be gluten. The most frustrating part is that I am hungry but it feel liks my throat constricts everytime I try and eat anything.
  8. I have always had bad eating habits, when I was in my early teens I had a mild case of anorexia which lasted almost 2 years. Well about 6 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't stop puking, to the point that I had my room mate drive me to the urgent care, they did some tests and suggested I see a GI doctor to check for ulcers, I ended up seeing the GI and getting an Upper Endoscopy that came back clear, and have had blood drawn multiple times however I've never had blood drawn within a few days of eating gluten, its always a week or two after. Well it went away after I took some potassium, started eating a little healthier, and exercising. Then a month ago I got it again so I thought maybe it could have been the birth control I was taking, so I switched that and noticed no help with my moods or nausea. I hadn't even fully recovered when yesterday morning I was in the bathroom puking for hours. I had had 3 beers the night before but have drank beer for years without too many problems until recently, lately 3 puts me into puking fits and if I haven't eaten a large meal even one can cause that effect. Well it seems to happen the first day of my period everytime it does happen and last for about two and a half weeks after the first day. I do eat out a lot and only really eat one main meal a day and a few smaller ones throughout so I'm sure that I'm not getting my necessary vitamins but for the last few weeks I've been eating healthier, it wasn't until about a week ago that i decided to drink a beer every night for a few nights and then had pizza and a sandwhich over the weekend. Whenever this happens I spend the first few days with a dull pain in my stomach, bloating, nausea, I wake up in the middle of the night sweating/shaking and vomit whatever water I've drunk. After the first day I start getting horribly depressed, I can barely function at work and almost hate to be around anyone. All I want to do is smoke cigeretts and sit in the sun since i can't get any sleep, I'm too jittery anytime I lay down. I thought that it could have been birth control but my current pill has me taking it everyday, so even though I should have started my menses I'm not going to yet am still getting these feelings. I do smoke marijuana regularly and after the first few days I'm usually able to smoke and eat a bit more substantially but otherwise I have to force myself to eat a handful of baby carrots a day. I'm sorry this has been long I'm just at my wits end about this and am really debating just giving up. Does this sound like it could be celiac disease or a gluten thing? I'm really at my wits end and none of the doctors I've seen can really help, nor can I really afford to take anymore time off work with this.