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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Rachel, Any irritation in your digestive tract can cause acid problems. If you do not digest properly, your body can not make the digestive enzymes and good bacteria. For me, I believe the celiac disease caused the yeast problems. If you have malabsorption, you do not absorb the minerals and nutrients needed to break down food. Food passses partially digested and ferments in the digestive tract, creating a good environment for yeast. This also causes a more acidic environment. You can get ph test strips at most health food stores. It is good to monitor at least daily to determine if something your eating is causing problems. Acid was a symptom for me that also caused headaches and dizziness. The wheat caused the acid! Kathleen
  2. Rachel, I did/do have yeast problems. I have tried every prescription/diet/herbal remedy. It seems better, but it is diffidult to produce the right flora when your intestinal lining is not healed. I have also noticed that anything producing acid will bother me and cause swelling, fatigue etc. This means most fruits, coffee, tea, too much sugar, beef- lower my ph level. I also get bad neck and back pain from this and also from gluten-free grains. I was recently told to avoid all sedementary foods until the lining has healed. They tend to scrape the lining too much. Acidic foods irritate as if you are pouring lemon juice on an open wound. When I avoid these, the pain goes away. I have had to add egg white protein powder to my diet to give my body fuel for healing. I had been eating under 900 calories /day for so long, I started retaining a lot of water, and was not healing. I still wear my splint for tmj. Kathleen
  3. I have had the same symptoms! The facial swelling was really bad for a while. The water retention has also returned since adding sugar back in my diet. The doc said I did not have yeast anymore! The muscle/joint pain is worse when my ph levels become more acidic. I still get tingling and burning in my hands and feet which I was told was neuropathy, damaged nerves due to malabsorption of minerals. I felt good on the yeast diet also, but watch for malt sweetners and rice syrup. they contain gluten.
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    Is this Lori Z? This is Kathleen D. in Carlsbad. When were you diagnosed?
  5. Hi everyone! I've been reading your postings and learning alot. I am from the northern VA area, but have been in CA for 13 years. Does anybody know of a good doc in San Diego? I've been to 19 docs in the last 7 years. The doc who diagnosed me does not really believe celiac disease to be a big deal- forgot to mention all the derivatives from wheat and additives to avoid! I'm worried my 9 year old son might have it (no major symptoms) but I need to find a good doc . He lives on pizza and organic mac n cheese. I am also concerned about dining out - what is this card some of you have mentioned?