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  1. Would you know of any gluten an corn free meds I can take for, pain, gas, nerves? I take pantoprazole sub for protonix daily for my stomach, it works so so. It does not really help with gas pain. It is also the only pill I know of that does not contain corn or gluten. When I go to the er I will not even let them give me a pain shot, because there is nothing they can send me home with for pain that does not make me sick. I am afraid one day I will really need something for pain an do not know what I could do beside be really sick just to take something for pain. Things like greens an squash do not make me sick, but they give me gas so bad there just not worth the pain, (bloated stomach pain) After quitting smoking some days I really could use something for nerves but have no idea what I would be able to take. Any help would be much appericated. I am thinking about going to a celiac Dr just to see what they would recommend.
  2. Fishing in the dark, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band