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  1. Hello all. I've experienced random hive breakouts (sometimes it is just unbearable itching with no rash) since I was a child, and was hoping that once I went gluten free it would begin to resolve. It seems to have reduced in frequency, but this afternoon following a shower, I had a crazy attack. 2 hours and 2 Benadryl later and I was still ready to jump out of my skin. I decided to start reading the labels of everything I used in the shower/post-shower (which is already organic and chemical free), and EVERYTHING had gluten (either wheat protein or barley) in it. I re-showered and washed with just my baby mild Dr. Bronner's liquid soap, and used olive oil on my skin after. Still itching. I saw a couple of similar threads on this topic, but the other factor is that I was glutened at a restaurant on Saturday night (nice big mouthful of cookie crumbles in my dessert after repeatedly specifying my allergies...awesome), and I'm trying to determine whether I could breakout like this from ingestion, several days later. I'm just so frustrated trying to learn everything to avoid.
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    Thanks to both of you for the feedback! I'm going through more topics to learn more and read about others' experiences.
  3. Hello everyone! I've been landing on this message board and website often, via google searches, and finally decided to register tonight because I'm having some problems and would love some feedback. A brief introduction to me/my symptoms: Age 29 Chronic Migraines/stomach aches since age 6 Debilitating back pain starting at age 13 Fatigue/Insomnia Joint and muscle pain and stiffness Vitamin and mineral deficiencies Constipation and nausea Chronic TMJ Stinging/numbness/pins and needles Hives and rashless intense itching Photosensitivity and Hyperacusis (sound sensitivity) GERD Anxiety/Depression Brain fog/cognitive issues Disorientation/Vertigo/Dizziness Congestion Chronic sore throat I was tested for nearly every neurological and auto-immune disorder under the sun. Lyme, RA, Lupus, etc. Finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which I was not satisfied with, as while I believe it's a real thing, I knew it's not what I had. I thought I was going crazy and that everyone figured I was a hypochondriac or malingerer. It wasn't until about a year ago that it was suggested that it may be a food allergy and or auto-immune, which made sense. To make the rest of the story short, the last time my back went out (in mid-October), my PT (who is celiac) couldn't figure out why my inflammation was not reducing after 3 weeks of treatment. She suggested I try no gluten. As I began to think about the possibility that I may be intolerant or celiac, I realized exactly when the symptoms got worse, and what I had been eating (a LOT of gluten...a lot a lot). I went cold turkey and have been very diligent about living gluten-free (I also eat 100% organic/non-gmo) for the past month. I felt some detox symptoms the first week, but could tell immediately that I was starting to feel better. The last few weeks have been somewhat of a miracle, knowing that I don't have to feel like garbage every day of my life, and it's a rather simple solution. Fast forward to last night, I accidentally ate Kellogg's Corn Flakes (mixed into a casserole). Went to bed with a headache and woke up this morning with a migraine and sore throat. By mid-day, I felt like I was going cray-cray...heavy depression and sadness - totally disoriented and dizzy - felt like I needed to jump out of my skin and couldn't be around anyone. I can only assume this is a normal reaction, and that after cutting gluten out completely for a month, I am much more sensitive. Has anyone else experienced these types of symptoms? And, is there ANYTHING I can do to alleviate them? Sorry for the long post - any pieces of advice/stories of your own are greatly appreciated.