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  1. Hi Jen I am not a Celiac but have been pregnant 3 times. During the very early stages of my first I did feel a 'pinching' feeling on one side which went after a few weeks. I have not come across anyone else that had these sensation before. Kate
  2. Hi Ginger 99 My daughter is a very similar situation to you. Her blood test is scheduled for the end of January and she needs to be on a gluten diet for 6 weeks. I am not sure she can do it as she feels so I'll and misses lots of schools. If you find out whether ther are any other tests or tests that don't need you to be on a gluten diet for such a long time please let me know.
  3. My daughter has had a blood test for celiac disease which came back negative. She was on a gluten diet for 6 weeks before the test, which was very difficult and she missed a lot of school. We were advised to continue the gluten diet for a further 6weeks and then the test would be repeated. We did not do this as it makes her feel very ill and low. Are there different tests that are used in the US in which the patient does not need to be on a gluten diet for such a long time ?