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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I love California, but haven't had a lot of luck with the servers/restaurants. It seems that the servers are too lax or just don't understand how serious the problem is when orering. My friends just moved from Long Beach so I have eaten at a few places in town. -PF Changs is a staple when I visit. They do a good job at this location, you can eat there with confidence. -Famous Dave's BBQ across the street from PF's. I had a bad experience there and will not return. The server did not understand and brought out my food on a piece of bread. -Yard House- Had the Tuna app and did not get sick. The waitress at least understood the allergy. -Wasabi- Ate sushi here and did not get sick either. They seemed to understand as well. -Lucille's Smokehouse--Had a great experience here! The waitress and kitchen were knowledgeable and accommodating. I ended up having the pulled pork and ribs, but make sure you check on the sauces first. It was over a year ago and I cannot remember which sauce I ordered. I will be back next month and will definitely hit up Papacicio's. Thanks for the info! Also, let me know of any gluten-free restaurants in the area.
  2. Anyone In The New York Metro Area?

    I moved to Astoria in July, but I have had Celiac for almost 7.5 yrs already! I go out frequently to restaurants in Manhattan for my job and haven't had a problem. I try to choose more simple foods and of course tell the waiter/waitress about my allergy and that they need to tell the chef. NYC is definitely one of the best areas in the U.S. for gluten free friendly restaurants, so make sure you take advantage!
  3. Seems like this will always be debated. Anyhow, I know my body and I can't drink gluten containing grain vodkas even though they are distilled. Even though everyone says they don't affect you, I get glutening symptoms every time I try to drink a little liquor distilled from gluten. I think basically everyone's body is different and some people can tolerate it and some can't. I just happen to be on the latter end.
  4. I just had some Extra Heavy Malaga tonight at our Seder! It is gluten-free by the way...it has a special place in my Grandma's heart as she grew up on the stuff. So, go ahead and pour yourself a glass and use it in your special recipe! Happy Pesach by the way.
  5. I tried to search, but I did not find what I was looking for. In the last week, I noticed I have a hard time with lactose/dairy products. I used to take Citracal for my osteopena, but it looks like there might be a sugar related to lactose in it. The pharmacist did not have a definitive answer for me. I know some of you with lactose intolerance must take calcium pills...so which ones do you take? Thanks for the help!
  6. Aveda

    Interesting info... I use Aveda products because my family knows the owner of a salon that uses only Aveda products and we get our stuff for free. So, I have been using Brilliant for shampoo and Scalp Benefits for my conditioner for probably 2 or more years. I used to use Shampure, but I think I stopped because it has wheat in it. These products seem to work out good and Sap Moss is a good shampoo as well.
  7. There are a few more vodkas out there that are made from potatoes: Zygo- Only a few years old...it is a Peach flavored vodka with some of the ingredients that can be found in Red Bull and other energy drinks. This vodka was developed after the Red Bull and Vodka craze hit. Tastes pretty good too! www.zygotopia.com 44 North- Relatively new Huckleberry infused potato vodka...has a different taste and is very mixable. www.rockymountainvodka.com Teton Glacier- Usually found in a squat rounded bottle that is a good value. www.glaciervodka.com Harnas Vodka- I did some searching and found this potato vodka as well. Not sure if you can find it in any U.S. stores though. Monopolowa Vodka- Product of Eastern Europe...looks like it got a good review, but never had it yet. Victory Vodka- Made from 3 varieties of potatoes (Stobrawa, Mila, Glada) if that means anything to you! http://www.internetwines.com/spirits-vodka...ate-potato.html or http://www.beerliquors.com You can buy some of these vodkas there... Also, if you can find it, 3 Vodka is made out of Soy--never had it but it sounds interesting! www.3vodka.com There are other vodkas that you will find by searching the net, but they are harder to find locally.
  8. I used to work for a wine and liquor distributor in ny (in between jobs currently) and I would say 90% of the liquor store owners would go out of their way to special order different wines/liquors for their customers. You just have to make a point to talk to them and show that you WILL DEFINITELY be back to purchase the gluten-free beer. Few owners will make you put down a deposit, but just make sure you establish a connection with the owner/buyer. Good luck!
  9. I have had the Dietary Specialties brand raviolis and stuffed shells and they are good. Here is the link to their site... http://www.dietspec.com/ Enjoy!
  10. Any Good Restaurants In Las Vegas

    I will be in Vegas from Thurs til Sunday as well. I ate in PF Changs in Oct. and it was great! I am definitely going to eat there again. Hopefully I will make it to Maggiano's and/or Samba as well. Thanks for the info! Have a great time in Vegas!
  11. The brands of tequila I listed are approximately $35-$60 (silver are the cheapest all the way up to Anejo). I have had some really expensive tequila, but there is just no need to go that crazy (e.g. Herradura Seleccion Suprema- retail is approx. $275/bottle and Jose Cuervo Riserva de la Familia- approx. $110/bottle). Gabrielle- Malibu rum is gluten-free--I actually toured their factory in Barbados 2 yrs ago. They do however age their rums in once used Bourbon barrels from Kentucky. That alone should not be enough to cause a reaction though. I am really tempted to try some distilled liquors but I don't want to get sick...It seems like most of you do drink distilled vodkas and gins even though they are made out of wheat. I have plenty of stuff just sitting around begging to be consumed!
  12. That is a very positive response from Yager. I figured it was gluten free, but the "contains caramel color" had me a little worried. Nonetheless, I have had a few chilled shots and yager bombs in the last few months with no adverse reactions.
  13. If you like tequila, you owe it to yourself to enjoy a true 100% agave tequila, not a mixto (only 51% agave tequila like Jose) tequila such as Patron, Corazon, Cabo Wabo, Don Eduardo, and Casa Noble to name a few. If you like the gold version of Jose, you would probably love the Reposado (aged between 3 months and 1 year) versions of any of those 100% agave tequilas. They usually have a slight pepper flavor/spice to them, but are ultra smooth. Depending on my mood, I like to drink different beverages. Sometimes I will do some chilled Tuaca (Italian liqueur-vanilla/citrus flavor) shots, shots of 100% Agave tequila--usually Don Eduardo b/c I used to sell it, Rum and Cokes, or some nice red or white wine depending what food I am pairing it with.
  14. Just to keep things on a disgusting note since it seems like you guys like the dirty humor... In an unofficial farting contest between you and your friends that have just eaten White Castle, you are the clear winner and they are forced to clear out of the room and are thoroughly disgusted with you. Enough with the gross ones... You try to justify being Celiac because you are healthier than people that consume gluten.