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  1. Update- Thus far i feel my daughtera GI doc is pretty awesome. He listened and took in everything my husband and I had to say today. The nutritionist noted that my daughters formula is giving her 100% of her daily nutrients and vitamins she needs and 50% of her calorie intake for the day. That answers why she is thriving so well even being on a very limited food intake diet. With my daughter being sick at the moment he didn.t want to run any xrays to see if poo is cleared out but he did suggest us getting the genetix testing blood work ran in which we did. He stated if she tests positive for that than based off of the genetic testing and diet he would diagnose her celiac. He also said to come back in three months to talk about a possible endoscopy procedure. I feel good about the appointment today and that we are headed in the right direction!
  2. We did start taking her to a new pedi and he is great thus far! We have only seen him once and when we told him her reaction to dairy he prescribed an epi pen on the spot. Thanka for the good luck we need all the luck we can get righy about now!
  3. Mizzo-That's great to hear your childs GI doc saw past your childs healthy growth, I hope we are as lucky. My husband and I refuse to do the gluten challenge with our daughter. It affects her waaay to much to even be worth a paper confirming she has it. Grant it I have been almost thinking I NEED the diagnosis for myself and my daughter I think im finally getting at peice that for now that won't happen and that's okay bc I know what gluten does to us and it is proof enough. Lucky for us my daughter will be home schooled, if she wasn't I think I'd be stressing out about getting a diagnosis more so than ever. Stanleymonkey- My daughter has been dairy free 100% since she was 6 months old. I breastfed her for 6 months and at her 6 month well baby check up her doctor advised me to stop breastfeeding because my daughter had dropped 3 lbs. Due to her body rejectinf my milk. I stopped BF and we put her on neocate formula which is dairy free and at the times her issues resolved until she started eating solids. She has been to an allergist and all her blood work even scratch testing came back fine. However her allergist said the testing is about 60% accurate and that there is clearly an intolerant of some kind to some foods. My daughters old pediatrician gave us some horrible advise a few months ago. He wanted us to get a full blood panel and told us to feed her the foods we suspected to be an allergy to her. We not knowing any better did so, I gave her a piece of gluten free toast with a light spread of real butter on it (my daughter had no idea I put real butter on it) she took one bite swollowes and what seemed like instantly I could see her have a reaction. She started moaning and wouldn't talk to me to tell me what was going on all she was able to do was moan and point to her mouth and throat. For hrs she couldn't talk and she couldn't even swollow her own saliva I'm definitely thinking she had some type of virus right now. When one is cross contaminated does is lower your immune system to make you more susceptible to picking up viruses? It seems she gets sick after being CC but never this bad before.
  4. Hi all. My daughter just turned 4 and was cross contaminated over the weekend Shr has accidentally been cross contaminated before but has never reacted the way she has this time. In the past her tummy would bloat up and she would pass the worst smelling gas ever followed by nasty stick foul poops. This time however no nasty smelling farts but diarrhea 4x on Sunday (she was cced on Sat. Night) started coughing Monday and had diarrhea 3x and refused to eat as the day went on. Tuesday she started running a fever and didn't eat anything all day long but did drink some water thank goodness. She went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 9:30 screaming in pain she was doubled over for about 10min crying then it passed and she fell back asleep. She woke up again at 3am doubled over screaming in pain again this time for about 5 min. She fell back asleep and woke up again at 6:30 and had diarrhea after she went she said her tummy felt a little better. Could all of this be from CC? Is there anything I can do to help with the tummy pains? I feel so helpless I just want her to not have to go through this and feel better We have a follow up apt. With her GI tomorrow. We saw him two months ago and discovered she had poop impacted so this is a follow up to make sure we got it all out. She had been gluten-free for a year now and is undiagnosed. All blood tests come back negative for all suspected food allergies but yet dairy makes her throat swell to the point whrre she can't swollow, bananas make her pee pee turn red and severely inflamed. Gluten causes acid reflux, belly inflamation, autistic traits behavior wise, nasty foul poos, knee pain ect. She is on an amino acid based formula called neocate and I truely believe this formula is the only reason she is thriving so well. She has always been in the 95% percentile for height and weight and bc she has doctors throw everything we have to say out the window bc she is so big and thriving. This is sooo frustrating! I feel my daughter would have to be under weight for them to even listen to a word we have to say. Sorry this ended up being so long...had to vent. Thanks all for reading.
  5. How To Cope After Negative Blood Results

    Goodness looks like I need more coffee this AM, you said where you got the recipe lol Going to look at her website now! Thank you!
  6. How To Cope After Negative Blood Results

    Alex11602- Their are a few cookie recipes in yhe book that ok going to make this weened to see if she likes them. Do you haopen to have a libk of the recipe you made? Sounds like my daughter can have everything aside the chocolate chips as sugar is a no no right now. But honey is okay! Thank you I am very excited for her party! They grow up soo fast :/
  7. How To Cope After Negative Blood Results

    I agree it is very outdated, we bought the book and view the website as our guide but we do not by any means follow it strictly. No we don't eat any of the illegal foods but we haven't made the home made yogurt or cottage cheese as my daughter does have anaphylactic reactions to dairy. I have found a few new recipes in the book such as the muffins that turned out amazing! I feel it's been a good starting point for us. With all of this being so new I have been overwhelmed now that im digesting it all I will be doing more research on other diets such as the GAPS and paleo diets. My daughter is going to be 4 next month and has had stomach issues since 2 weeks old. My husband and I have discovered all of her allergies/intolerances on our own doctors honestly haven't done jack for us aside from telling us she has 5 ft of poo backed up in her. With her being so restricted and her birthday only 3 weeks away I'm stressing about what to do for her birthday cake/cupcakes.
  8. How To Cope After Negative Blood Results

    The SCD diet is very scrict and gets a little hard to follow but the results are worth it. My daughter being almost 4 has adjusted so well I couldn't be more proud. I run an in home daycare and though I try and cut out the sugar treats to my daycare kids I can't fully restric it when their parents bring them things such as fruit snacks, my poor little girl has to watch other kids eat what was once one of her fav treats. I think it hurts me more than it hurts her that she can't eat a lot of foods but she is so strong and says
  9. How To Cope After Negative Blood Results

    Thank you all for your imput! I think bc I haven't been verbally diagnosed I'm still for what ever reason in denial even though my body screams at me with CC. Beebs- I'm so sorry to hear your son is still having issues Have you eliminated all grains and sugars by chance? My daughter had exactly the same issues after being gluten-free for 8 months. We then decided to put both her and I on the SCD diet, after a few weeks of her body adjusting her inflamed belly is gone and the nasty fould sticky poos are gone too! Now we are cleaning her system out with miralax bc she had 5 ft of build up stools in her.
  10. How To Cope After Negative Blood Results

    I think that's why I wish I had conformation so I know for a fact I'm doing the right thing and that there isn't any other issues that I'm unaware of. Grant it yes being gluten free makes me feel so much better and I'll never intentionally eat gluten again I would just like conformation that it is celiac and celiac alone and not other things lol I am so sensitive to gluten now that I have been gluten-free I don't even know what to tell people if im on a situation where I would need to.
  11. How To Cope After Negative Blood Results

    My daughter will be 4 next month and has both blood testing and scratch allergy testing. Everything comes back negative but yet if she eats gluten her belly rolls so loud, she cant sleep, she stops eating and her behavior does a 180. My daughter off of gluten dairy and grains is one happy outgoing kid. You give her gluten and she acts as if she is autistic My daughter and are are both on a gluten free grain free, sugar free diet to heal,our guts. If this were an intolerance I'd think it would come back in our blood work? Both her allergist and GI doc have said it is def GI issues.
  12. How To Cope After Negative Blood Results

    Kwylee-Thank you! I don't know why I feel I need verbal conformation from a docotor when it's pretty darn obvious that we can't tolerate gluten. Hubby and I went to chipolte for dinner and I forgot to ask for them to change their gloves ect to prevent CC and I got sick from it. I went back last weekend and they changed gloves gave me fresh cheese and everything and I didn't have one issue. Prior to thing gluten-free I didn't feel I was that sensitive but now that I am gluten-free I know what it's like to feel normal again and the slightest CC affects me :/
  13. How To Cope After Negative Blood Results

    Bubbas mom- I did go off of gluten for a month then tried the challenge and I only lasted 1 1.5 weeks I was so sick. I have to live without gluten if I want to be/feel myself. Aly1- sorry to hear you are thing through the same thing :/ Genetic testing is a good idea I'll have to look into that. I wouldn't recommend the challenge to anyone.
  14. My daughter and I both stopped consuming gluten after pin pointing that it makes us ill. Her doctor recommended to avoid testing that as long as she was doing good on the diet she was on then great. Me at the time not knowing much about celiac and being a first time mom to boot though okay that makea sense. But of course as weeks/months followed I wanted to learn more about celiacs disease. I had no idea if we wanted to be tested we would have to consume the very thing that made us sick We tried the gluten challenge with our daughter and after two days we decided we couldn't allow for her to go through with it she was not the same child and it took her a month to get back on track. To make the long story short I then decided to try the challenge due to her GI doc stating he could diagnose her based off of my testing results. In the begining I was obly focused on her and that was my whole purpose for taking the challenge. I only lasted a week,and a half and couldn't sainly do it any longer. I was only gluten-free for a month before I started the challenge. My test results cane back normal, and I feel so disappointed. Don't get me wrong I would love to not have issues and these tests be true but I feel something is wrong yet doctors say I'm fine. So in my mind I feel I can't accept that I may have celiac bc I haven't been diagnosed. I don't kbow why this bothers me so bad either. I do remain on a gluten-free diet regardless but im not as careful as I should be. I made almond muffins and used baking soda that was shared on equitment that processes gluten and got so sick from it. How do you accept that you may have it even after getting negative blood results?
  15. It stands for simple carbohydrate diet.