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  1. One more thing, my blood pressure is lower than what it used to be. My normal blood pressure was around 120/80 to 130/85, now it is about 105/70
  2. Thank you Kara So how long have you been gluten free? What do you mean by first few days wrt feeling shaky? I guess when you first went gluten free? I have been gluten free just about couple of months and my sleep has not improved much since it started. BTW my username is derived from two words, Kara and Boga, in English it would be Black Bull I am a new member, have been lurking for a while. When I discovered other gluten free folks are having similar sleep problems I was relieved in some way and decided to write and try to get more info.
  3. Yeah since I went gluten free I wake up very early in the morning, 3-4AM and cannot go back to sleep. Snacking before bed seems to help a little, but I am not able to sleep longer than 5-6 hours at the most and a lot of times it is less than that. I ordered B12 sub-lingual supplements, will give them a try, but I am wondering how you all have been coping with this.
  4. I wish I had that problem. Since I went gluten free my sleep is even worst, I wake up at 3-4AM and cannot go back to sleep. Get out of bed unrested and yawn all day long.