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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have just started my gluten free diet which I am finding okay but I am confused! So the food labels normally state if it contains gluten, if it doesn't say it contains gluten or wheat on the label then is this 100% gluten free? As someone told me they do a pataks curry sauce which doesn't contain gluten BUT I looked at all the labels on pataks range and none of them say they contain gluten. I hope this makes sense, I'm just really confused on how to know if they contain gluten for sure. If you can help me that would be great! Thank you! x
  2. Do you also live in Germany?

  3. Yeah I know I was kinder of confused, If i'm honest it seemed as if they didn't really know what they where on about, as if i go gluten free surely it wont show again on the endoscopy?? They didn't tell me anything I'm an army wife living abroad I don't speak there langauge so that didn't help, but they didn't explain anything to me really, when i went to get my results he spoke very some english, he said nothing about biopsies I didn't think to ask as I didn't know much about it, I got the results 2 days later so maybe he couldn't have as thats kinder quick!! He took pictures and just said there is some redness or something, but the nurse said this can be caused by lots of things eg stress, smoking and also celiac....she said there is no damage BUT they think I have a high chance of having it and should go gluten free. I don't understand i'm really confused, I don't no if I should go back through the english doctors and speak to them or this a waste of time?
  4. I had blood tests which came back positive I got referred to the hospital for a Gastroscopy, I then had a blood test taken again a few days before the Gastroscopy and it came back fine?? I was told if i have the Gastroscopy they could tell for sure if i had celiac BUT they still don't know for sure, the doctor said i have a red bowl but no damage and thinks its likey that i have celiac but cannot tell me for 100% but the doctors told me to go gluten free and then have the gastroscopy done again in 6 months time. So I feel i have it and they doctors think i do be wont tell me for sure :/ The reason i got tested in the 1st place was because my sister had, i have psoriasis (which is linked?) i struggle to gain weight, i feel tired after eating and bloated my periods are messed up too......
  5. Hi so i'm just curious when you first got diagnosed with celiac did your partner support you? I feel it is stressful changing your diet if your like me not very good at cooker anyway. We have just moved country and the food is more expensive here and we struggle finding things to eat, food shopping in the UK was never a problem......i miss it! ANYWAY so food shopping can be a pain here now and my husband is being really unhelpful hes making me feel like i'm such a burden, as i havent had a full diagnoses i have the symptoms its in the family but the doctors can't tell me for sure but they think its likey so they want me to go gluten free............so i just feel it would be easier to put it off after xmas is this okay? Thanks x
  6. Blood Test Positive - Biopsy Nothing?

    I couldn't get copies of my test results, the doctors are so unhelpful and i wouldn't dare to ask them any more questions. I just wish i had support at home, my husband is making such a fuss over buying gluten free food as i don't know for sure if i have it........i don't know its all a bit stressful. It makes me angry so many people don't get the help they need! why cant it be easier to pin down :/ thanks anyway guys...sorry to keep moaning on. x
  7. Looks like you should be able to. Looks like you have. The first 10 posts have to be approved. We get some weird ones sometimes.

  8. So I'm new this I have been told to go gluten free, I don't really cook me and my partner normally eat really rubbish dinners, like oven chips, chicken beans - we live on dinners like this, I sometimes make a pasta dish and a nice roast dinner. This is not because I'm lazy I would love to be able to cook, but my partner earns the money and he doesn't like spending a lot on food, he would prefer we buy cheap quick and easy meals, Say if i wanted to make a curry its very rare he would let me buy the stuff to make it - i know not nice Sooooo i have to settle with some oven chips and a pizza maybe! BUT i need to go gluten free, Im not going to be able to buy lots of nice dinners, but are there any dinners i could make that i don't have to buy lots of ingredients to make, which is kinder simple and i can pick up in most stores?? I though of a few; Jacket potatoes, cheese and beans Egg, chips and beans Rice, chicken and a gluten free sauce. Also what could I eat for breakfast, dont't really want toast as its megga expensive for the bread! THANK YOU! X
  9. Not to be rude but I really disagree with you, I get what your saying why does it matter if you feel better BUT alot of people wont be motivated to go gluten free unless they no its damaging there body. Also for a lot of people it is stressful and hard going gluten free, people like me who don't cook much and don't have alot of money its really hard changing a diet, as I normal buy something cheap and easy. Some people have the time the money and the knowledge to do it fine but alot don't. The most important reason to get a 100% Diagnosis is because they wont get the help they need from they doctors - My sister had celiac for a very long time without knowing and was so poorly in the end it was horrible, as the doctors kept turning her away saying she is fine! Anyway in the end she went to hospital got tested and then had the Endoscopy they saw how much damage it had done, and by having the endoscopy she gets help with her food, money off etc, she had a dietician to start with, she also got tested for other things, found out she has a bone diseases because of this. She was so poorly and didnt want to endoscopy she was just going to go gluten free, but she is glad she had it done as she would not of known about the other things it caused and receives a lot more help! And I would just generally want to know if i had it
  10. Hi all I will try and keep this shortish! So my sister has celiac she had it bad! I have a few symptoms i have tooth enamel problems, I have psoriasis really bad (dry itchy scalp)- this is meant to be linked. Also feeling tired and unable to gain weight etc. I few months ago i didn't eat all day at work as it made me so tired, i had more energy not eating. I could barley talk i would get so tired - so i thought i must have celiac - as my sister was exactly them same! I left the job and felt a lot better, i do get tired but not the same, so i thought maybe its not celiac as it can't improve. But I decided to get tested as I do have symptoms even though my tiredness has improved a bit. I went to get some blood tests a month ago, the doctor said they came back really high showing celiac .......so he referred me to the hospital to have a gastroscopy (camera down the throat) which i was dreading, but i got told this is the only way they can tell for sure and i wont receive any help if i dont do it soooooooo i braved it and had it done and also had another blood test done and the hospital which came back fine ????......when i got my results from the gastrscopy he still doesn't know if i have it ??? They said my bowl is red or something there is no damage though so i asked the doctor have a got celiac? and he said its very likey but i cant say for sure .. WHAT?? I went through that camera thing and they still cant tell me. Why can't they tell me? So now they want me to eat gluten free food for 6 months then go back and have a camera up my bum? then they said they will be able to tell me. Why would they tell me to go gluten free if everything is okay? and i no a few people who claim to be celiac but they have never had biopsy? Im just really stressed as i dont have much support at home, my husband is earning the money and he doesnt want to waste money on gluten free food, and isnt very helpful with finding food i can eat! The only reason i had the gastroscopy done was so i would get help with buying some food (my sister gets this) but because they still cant diagnoised me i wont get any! If it hasnt damaged me then maybe it cant be celiac as i have had these symptoms a while now. If a new i had it then i would just have to go gluten free, but i really dont want to go through the stress of it all for no reason. I have just left home moved to a different country, I really cannot cook, so finding meals is going to be hard! Sorry I didnt keep that short at all did i If you could help in anyway that would be great! I feel alone and confused! Thanks! x
  11. why can i not comment or start a topic? :/