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  1. Sarah, Thanks....so you eat them before the start of a run....have eaten them after a run? and do they seem to provide energy after the fact? my issue is low energy levels after any sports activities. The 4-5 times a week are these long distances; more than 6 miles or less? Thanks again for the info. Zach
  2. Hi Kmag, Thanks for the info. What are the gels you mention? I haven't heard of them. thanks, Zach
  3. Sarah, Thanks for the response. I had a look at those after you posted, and they look like they fit the bill. For long distance running, do you run 5-6 days a week or 2-3 days? if so what are your energy levels like when you eat the Zings? also what sort of distance do you run? thanks, Zach
  4. Hi All, I am new to the forum, and have been a Celiac for the past 4 years, with recently being diagnosed with having corn and yeast allergies and lactose intolerance. My mother was also diagnosed with the Celiac Disease 40 years ago, so it was easy for me to diagnose when I saw the symptoms. I cycle every morning for about 40 minutes and run for 3-4 miles each day. I am looking to commence training to hopefully run the New York Marathon next November. So I wondered if anyone on the forum has completed a marathon, and if so are there any Celiac energy foods or drinks you would recommend to boost energy. Currently without running or cycling long periods, on the weekends I am totally wiped. I take a vegetarian multi-vitamin which really helps with my energy level, but realize with longer runs I may be so tired it may impact my training. With so many allergies, thankfully I am big into fruit, veg etc, so I indulge with these on a daily basis. Anyhow,any feedback from folks having gone down this road would be appreciated. thanks, Zach