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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was diagnosed with celiac disease and crohns disease after having my daughter and lately i was doubting my diagnosis, but my dr reaffirmed that i will get cancer and die if i dont stick to it. (Hes a little blunt and can be too direct at times). But anyways, my husband and I are pretty strapped for cash lately, his job is laying off 2000 people and might close permanatly, and unemployment is barely paying our rent alone. I cannot afford $6 loaves of gluten free bread, and $8 for 2 pizza crusts. I really am on a top raman noodle budget right now. Even fruits would be a luxury to buy right now. What can I do?? My husband and daughter do not need to eat gluten free, but just buying gluten-free for me is too much money that we dont have. Any suggestions??
  2. Gluten Free Alcohol

    Ive only been gluten free for a few weeks and i was told all distilled vodka is safe. I keep hearing different information!!
  3. Gluten Free Alcohol

    I know Dekyuper is safe...like the sour apple pucker and stuff...any vodkas..if you like red bull and vodka ..red bull is safe. I drink Jolly Ranchers (which is cranberry juice, peach schnapps, and sour apple pucker) mostly whenever I drink.
  4. Well a few weeks ago I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Crohns Disease, AND SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial overgrowth) Im still pretty overwhelmed and still sick. I have been eating gluten free, and still feel sick, so I dont know if this whole time it was that making me sick or the SiBo. Im on my second round of antibiotics for the SIBO, (b/c the first months worth didnt do anything), and I just started taking Acidodiphilus chewables to boost things along. I am waiting on my bloodwork results so I can start the 6MP for my Crohns. I just need somewhere to vent, b/c having all 3 of these things I dont know which one is actually making me feel like something is rotting in my stomach. I am young...only 24 and have a 2 year old and married, and I feel like my life is already ruined b/c of my stomach. Is there anyone on this board who has these problems? Or at least both crohns and celiac? I need help determining why I feel sick still...I want to be able to have a normal life again and start working again. I cant b/c Im still sick everyday it seems to my stomach. Thanks for lending me your ears =0)
  5. thank you for the reassurance. My main fear is that after eating gluten free i would still be sick and the dr's would be stumped again. I just need to get better not for me but for my family cuz i couldnt hold a job being so sick and i want to get working again...but i wanted to make sure i was better first before committing to a job and this just scared me.
  6. Mouth Sores

    I get them too but i also have crohns along with celiac and my dr says the sores r from my crohns
  7. A Cure For Celiac!

    beebs i would appreciate that!!
  8. The only symptom I ever had with celiac the last 2 years is a constant feeling of having the stomach flu. I always felt sick. i would have good days or even good weeks sometimes. Anyways, today makes 1 week of eating gluten-free and the last 2 days I have felt not full out sick, but somewhat sick to my stomach (the same feeling i always had before) I was upset and crying, asking why am i feeling like this again? I have not cheated with the way Ive been eating. Does it take a while to not be sick anymore, or should I not still be feeling sick after a week? Thanks
  9. I Need To Share! Best Pizza Ever!

    I heard alot of good things too about kinnickkinnick are they better or the same or worse i wonder?
  10. Meatloaf Help

    I made meatballs the other day and used corn chex... maybe if you just substituted the crumbs for the mashed up corn chex it would work.
  11. what do you fill them with? I miss potstickers as well...and the dipping sauce for them =0(
  12. I Need To Share! Best Pizza Ever!

    the only bad thing is it was $8 just for the crust. . . But when your craving pizza..its worth it!
  13. Ive only been gluten-free for a week (as of tomorrow) cuz of this celiac thing and I need to say Ive read so much about what breads adn crusts were good and bad...Well I bought Against the Grain pizza crust i think it was 14 inch i forget but its a normal size frozen pizza. I then bought Don Pepino pizza sauce (which is clearly marked gluten free on the back) and used an italian cheese mix and put on my pepperonis...but needless to say, my whole non gluten-free family ate it and loved it as well. The crust was amazing I can not find fault with it..and I need to mention the Don Pepino sauce. If youve ever went to a carnvial and gotten a slice of pizza..well just imagaine thats the sauce they use!! It was so good. I needed to share with you all b/c for now on that is the crust and sauce I will be using!!!!
  14. Ok attempting to make a pizza tonight ..one thats not horrible. Im gonna go out and buy mozzerella cheese and pepperoni pizza sauce, and of course...a crust. My local shop has some gluten free crusts and i googled them and it looks like my choices are Kinnickinnick, Glutino, and Amys. Which one do I choose?
  15. All the ingredients looked okay except it said smoke flavoring..heard that can be iffy. Anyone know for sure if this brand is safe? I cant find a website for it except it is Giant foodstore brand.