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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Epidural And Pregnancy

    Hello, I hope someone can help answer a few questions for me. This is my first child and I've known I have celiac for over a year. My concern is with the epidural if I decide to have one I hear they can or do contain gluten. If they do would I have any reaction from having one. I'm super reactive to gluten to the point I've had to change everything about my life style to go gluten free...changing shampoo's, lotions, soaps you name it I react. I know being celiac I have to be concerned about the medications I take but what about injections would I have the same reactions?
  2. A Positive I Noticed!

    aww...thank you...ill be trying to find some Biosil this weekend.. Hugs....
  3. Frustrated In Mn

    I'm sorry Jess...Wish I could give you some tips or information to help or ease the stress...
  4. Frustrated In Mn

    I appreciate the understand I sometimes feel like i complain to much on here..I've only been on here since dec and it seems like all I have is a lot of questions and frustration to deal with..
  5. Frustrated In Mn

    Too bad I didn't know about that conference...It sounds like just the thing that I've been looking for..Honestly I didn't even know about the GIG until just now..or even thought about looking at meetup.com....both of these options might be just the thing I've been looking for..I'm kinda new to Celiac so I really don't know too much...Ill certainly look into both of these options..
  6. Frustrated In Mn

    I did try a gluten free cooking class once but found it difficult to relate...maybe I should try it again cause that was back when I was first diagnosed and I had no clue what I was doing...well even more so then now...Whole Foods has certainly become one of my favorite places to shop that and the Mississippi Market...love the fact that they have a listing and labels on everything... The group I was trying to get to today was the Celiac Disease Foundation Twin Cities Chapter & Support Group it meets every 3rd Tuesday at the Chanhassen Library...
  7. A Positive I Noticed!

    I'm soo happy for you...It's wonderful and give me hope that the hair loss will stop and heal...I've been worried for some time that the hair loss was permanent ...I had really thick long hair and now (like others) it seems to be thinning and falling out...Congrats...its always nice to hear the possitives ...thank you for sharing
  8. Frustrated In Mn

    I really haven't tried that but it gives me a new approach to finding people...I'll give it a try next time I'm out ...thank you for the suggestion...i guess I have to get out of my comfort zone sometimes...
  9. Frustrated In Mn

    I can't begin to explain how frustrated I am today....again another failure....to me there seems to be a lack in resources here in MN when it comes to group settings or support groups. They only meet once a month and I've only been able to make it to 1 out of 3 that I knew of. Today being no exception to me missing it..due to me being directionally challenged ...so again i have to try and make it to the next one only being a month away...I don't know anyone else that has celiac and have been wanting to find someone that I can connect with or someone that might be able to just understand how difficult it is...someone to maybe do something with...someone to talk to...I feel like I'm a burden to those that are around me....I get sick of stupid comments "what a great diet" "you mean you can eat potatoes" "how I can just brush the bread off from the plate and eat everything else"...Does anyone else know of any groups or support here in MN..I just wish I lived somewhere that actually had more resources.
  10. Another Question

    Are all wines gluten free? I found out the hard way not all rum is gluten free
  11. Another Question

    I'm finding time and time again I keep getting into situations where I feel lost and confused...I have someone in my life that is very supportive but every time we go out either to a bar or out to a restaurant there seems to be tension and frustration that leads to some type of argument. I never seem to know what i can order while out...i hate the fact that all different types of juices can contain gluten...I miss being able to just order what ever the hell type of drink I feel like....It takes me what seems like forever to try and find something to drink at the bar and while I'm looking over the stupid menu's or try and think of something safe to have i can sense the stress building not just in myself...i find my attitude changing more so to the negative side of life...I try so hard to make things go smoothly since being diagnosed but any time i go anywhere i hate myself more and more....I hate having to have everyone look at me with that look of concern or curiosity i know i can't just go back to how i was eating before...I hate Celiac and I hate all the stress it has brought into my life...I guess the question i have for anyone after all my rambling is....What drinks can you order while out? I don't want to get to the point that I can't go out for happy hour or that i have to stop being social...
  12. Feeling Low

    Hearing this really helps to make me feel better....Ive never been the emotional type...well nothing to much out of the norm...but since going gluten free I find myself having extreme up's and down's....the crying fits the getting sometimes even angry over what normally wouldn't bother me..its almost like my gluten-free diet has made me a emotional mess... hopefully things will even out and the swings will go away...or at least calm down
  13. Feeling Low

    Thank you for the info....ive been looking for new shampoos at decent prices...
  14. Feeling Low

    I just really wanted to thank everyone for expressing there stories with me....I feel horrible I wasn't able to respond sooner but due to the holidays it was difficult to get back to the computer....It makes me feel not soo alone with such a response from everyone. Its nice to hear how its normal to have fits of feeling out of control....the sad moments....the mood swings...People that don't have to deal with Celiac don't understand how difficult it can be or how emotional it can get I'm thankful for each of you for giving me such a wonderful response... Its nice to know when I get those feelings I can come here for support...this is a nice place with good people that understand... Thank you all again for helping to make me feel better..
  15. Feeling Low

    I'm kinda new to the whole gluten-free living...I find myself having good days and bad days....sadly today is a bad day for me...I'm not talking about any type of reaction to eating gluten. I'm just talking about the whole overwhelming feeling that comes from being celiac.I'm not understanding why things just seem to be getting more difficult when it comes to coping with the gluten-free thing....Is anyone else in the same boat? I'm told take some vitamins to get my levels up so I do...then i find they contain gluten so i switch to gluten free vitamins but I find that they are too strong for me and may be causing other issues such as kidney damage. I stupidly switch shampoo's and find my hair falling out...so now having to switch to super expensive shampoo but im no longer losing hair..I just feel like i can't win and sometimes wish things could just be a bit easier....It seems like I react to everything soaps, lotions, hair care products....does it ever get any better?