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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Uggghh feeling a little discouraged. Two loaves of sandwich bread ruined before I figured out that my yeast wasn't proofing properly, then it looks like my muffins will be a fail as well - forgot to add baking soda =( because I was using a recipe on the back of another gluten-free flour mix that already had it, but was using a gluten-free flour that didn't already have it...... Why does it feel like gluten-free baking is so much more complicated =(
  2. If your son doesn't tolerate dairy, many new celiacs don't - a good way to get probiotics is through making your own water kefir (if you're ambitious) or buying coconut kefir or you can go to your health food store and get the refrigerated powdered kinds that you can add to his water or juice. the children's kind that I have has 3 billion per serving -- it sounds like a lot until you realize that you are supposed to be populated with trillions =)
  3. We use Chestal for colds and occilococcinum for flu symptoms - I think you can find both now at Wal-Mart and most drug stores, we've not had a problem with either, but I haven't checked the ingredients in a while either.
  4. Yikes!!! That can build dependence! I wouldn't do it either =/
  5. If she has a casein intolerance though the lactose test will be useless - many people can't tolerate cows milk especially when it's not raw... after all even a calf has 4 stomachs with which to digest mothers milk. Maybe try dairy free first and then do a completely gluten free diet after that - dairy free for at least 6 wks to start. I hope she feels better soon!!!
  6. I just was reading through another thread that mentioned auto declines from insurance companies if you previously Dx with Celiac -- maybe it's not such a good idea, especially if you're feeling this awful already.
  7. Oh I really hope that's not the case =( any way to tell other than trial and error?
  8. I didn't notice her taking any notes about it, but she could have done it after we left, I'll ask her.
  9. My 2 yr old had DH and has been causally Dx with celiac --- I'm trying to figure out what he could be having issues with today - I gave him a sunbutter (he's allergic to all nuts) and jam spread on Udi's gluten-free buns today and now he's itching like crazy -- otherwise today he's had Gorilla crunchies with Silk brand Coconut milk (I usually use Trader Joes, but ran out and needed something), raisins, blueberries (frozen) and corn chips, an apple and a banana, -- has anyone had problems with any of the processed foods that I mentioned -- I'm pulling my hair out here.
  10. My son was recently diagnosed with Dermititis Herpetiformis at just over 2 yrs of age and I'm not interested in all the blood work and invasive testing that will likely go on. My doctor agrees that it's not necessary as long as a gluten-free diet is helping him. I just don't know if it's something I should pursue later or not. However, I'm seeing so many that have false negatives and I certainly wouldn't want to voluntarily put him BACK on gluten just to get positive results... He's been gluten free for exactly a week and two days and for the first time since it presented and was misdiagnosed as ONLY eczema (he has eczema as well, but the DH recently became really pervasive and was easier to Dx I guess) since he was roughly 3 mos, but got really bad when he started eating solids at 11 mos. (he was exclusively breastfed before that) Chronic diarrhea 5-7 times per day, is now down to 3, he is finally sleeping through most nights -- he was up 3 and 4 times a night before itching constantly despite being on Zyrtec, Benadryl and Ibuprofen. he is also dairy free for now, since that seems to upset his system too. Anyway is a formal Dx really worth going back to that? I wouldn't think so, someone would really have to convince me that it's absolutely necessary I guess.
  11. My son was dx recently at age 2 -- they told expect at least 90 days and to also eliminate dairy because the body does not have the proper digestive enzymes to handle the dairy --- that said, since we started going gluten-free and Dairy free last tuesday, his DH is nearly disappeared, his eczema has cleared and he has gone from 5-7 BM a day down to 3 and is mostly sleeping through the night. He still wakes and is sometimes fussy and when I feel his tummy I can feel lots of "talking" rumbling, grumbling - so I know he's not completely healed, but MAN! what a difference!