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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This Is No Life

    You sound like ne in high school. This was my exact reactionto gluten. The next day I'd be all messed up and gassy and bloated, but couldn't help it to eat an entire bag of pretzels. How odd! There are emotional issues I guess that also trigger my problems with food and self image, but the gluten connection is probably the biggest issue. I wonder if the anorexia part of my ED was my body's own self mechanism to get rid of all the toxins that were damaging me.
  2. This Is No Life

    Thank you for your responses. I appreciate the advice more than I can say it with words. I did cook a lot while they were here but it got expensive. The breaking point came when we had to go to the food court and I had to eat sushi because there was nothing else. The rice blocked me off for a week, and that's after a week of being exposed to bread crumbs. I was trying to hint to go to a place with a salad bar, but they wanted the food court and I just couldn't find anything to eat. Then the unstable eating schedules they had screwed me up real good. Hypoglycemia episodes trigger binges. I'm still bloated but at least I'm clear headed now.... I guess I have no choice but to learn how to be assertive. Communicating my problem to others has been the hardest thing.
  3. What's the name of the test that I need to make for my son in order to see if he might have celiac? I want to suggest it to his doctor.
  4. This Is No Life

    I noticed that the first symptom of being Glutened was the emotional rollercoaster rather than the stomach problems. I wonder how many of those foods I would binge on had gluten and I thought they were gluten free.
  5. This Is No Life

    I guess stress does play a big role in the bingeing. I haven't dealt with binge eating in over 12 years and now it's back. The only way to control it is through a high fat low carb diet, but last time I tried that, it made me lose weight to the point of looking sick. The problem is that just adding fruits to my diet triggers the binges. How do you control it? I'd like to hear more from your experience if you dot mind. Thankfully, restricting is not a problem anymore.
  6. This Is No Life

    Thanks, guys. I hate feeling sorry for myself. It's such a b%$@# to be weak. I guessed this would be the one place I could be weak without getting judged.
  7. This Is No Life

    My in laws are here and they remind me of how abnormal I am. I'm here and my toilet paying for wanting to be normal. A week's visit by them means a constipation that I can't get rid of, not even with a gluten binge, 10 pounds of unexplained weight gain, uncontrollable bingeing (in gluten-free and gluten filled foods). I had anorexia and bibge eating disorder in high school and overcame it and now this. It was behind me! Why?! Why now? This is no way to live. I want to die. I'm too nice to tell then not to leave bread everywhere or that I need to eat at certain times to avoid the hypoglycemia that will lead to a sugar binge later. They're nice and supportive. Don't get me wrong. But my husband won't say anything to them about the breadcrumbs or my symptoms. I'm alone. Nobody in my family has dared to look up celiac and be informed. Nobody cares and I'm all alone! I hate my life! I hate that I've always been weird and now this!!!! I'm half the person I was! Wow........ I needed to get some things off my chest!
  8. Beware B Vitamin Toxicity!

    Good to know! I'm still taking the b12 supplement until I feel like I don't need it anymore. The one I've definitely stopped is the b6 because I was having those convulsions. I'm waiting to pee it out now. Been to the bathroom like 5 times today and it's only 11 am here lol. Thanks for the info. I love these forums because you guys have more info than any doctor. Seriously, my first GI doctor told me to go online and that's what I did. Saved my life.
  9. Beware B Vitamin Toxicity!

    Best of luck to you!!!! It's a long road for all of us but with education and experience we can all have a healthy boy again!!!
  10. Beware B Vitamin Toxicity!

    Disclaimer: do ask your doctor before stopping any supplements prescribed by him/her. Is everyone happy now?! However, do listen to ur body if you don't feel well and do bring it to the doctor's attention. Most doctors don't ask the amounts (milligrams) that you're taking. Nobody asked me. A lot of doctors don't care or are not educated in the dangers of vitamin overdose. Everyone is different. If you feel that the supplements help, then take them by all means.
  11. Beware B Vitamin Toxicity!

    I never claimed to be a medical professional. I just say for those of us who are still having problems after going gluten-free for a while some supplements may be to blame. I don't disagree with the fact that some people are severely malnourished and do need very high doses of supplements, but some of us with healing guts may no need them. Depends on the individual's needs. I personally had to self prescribe b vitamins because upon being diagnosed by my first GI doctor I was given a list of foods and sent packing. No advice on how to get my health back, etc. The supplements helped at first, but then became toxic as my gut healed. That was MY personal experience and I was just putting it out there to see if anyone could relate to it.
  12. Beware B Vitamin Toxicity!

    Wow! I think once the GI tract heals, one starts absorbing these vitamins from foods and you don't need the supplements. Just eating enough whole foods should be enough.
  13. Celiacs out there who are feeling dizzy, bloated, having seizures, constipated, or having diarrhea: you may be experiencing b complex toxicity. A lot of us celiacs are prescribed/recommended/self medicate with vitamin b supplements and assume that they're 'safe'. It's not true. A lot of these supplements have mega doses of the daily requirements of these vitamins that can be extremely dangerous if taken over a long period of time. I have been taking huge doses of b vitamins and have been having these weird symptoms for a while. the worst would have to be vitamin b6 which had caused me a lot of central nervous system problems such as convulsions. A lot of the other vitamin can cause kidney problems, sugar/protein metabolism problems and GI problems to name a few. I thought I was getting Glutened all the time, but that's really hard in my case because I don't eat grains or legumes that are cc'd. Plus, I felt like complete crap yesterday after taking my b complex supplements. Check with your doctors or if you think the b complexes may be causing your problems STOP taking them. There are b vitamins in a lot of foods. The only one that's relatively safe is b12 and you still have to be careful with commercial mega doses. I hope this helps some people.
  14. I work with ASD kids and I can tell you the diet doesn't make a difference. The only thing it wil do is make the kids have less stomach problems IF they're already celiacs. On another note, I cook everything gluten-free at home, but when we go out, I allow my child to eat breaded chix tenders and junk if he wants. I also make him sandwiches with regular bread for school. Cc has never been an issue in our family b/c I just avoid grains all together, so we don't share a toaster, etc. My hubs has a gluteb corner where I also make my son's sandwiches. I don't see the need of having a child go gluten-free if they're not showing symptoms.