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  1. I had good luck at Denny's the other day... I really miss greasy spoon diner food sometimes, but this was a decent substitute. The eggs/omelets and hash browns were fine. They have a pdf allegergen list on their website, and I spoke with the server before taking the plunge. I'll admit I was scared because of the cross-contamination potential, but that was a couple of days ago... I'm feeling good.
  2. Thank you all so much for your input! What's the deal with the genetic test? Is that a way to positively identify celiac disease without the need for a gluten challenge? Is it something that is usually covered by insurance? I'm currently feeling better than I have in a very, very long time. I'm eating mostly vegetarian with some occasional seafood and seem to be doing great. I have more energy than I've had in recent memory, and my concentration is good even without caffeine. I can't imagine going back to eating that stuff...
  3. Ha... sorry, I'm a noob! This seemed like the thread with the most relevant information regarding the caffeine thing, so that's where I replied.
  4. You both have some points that I hadn't considered. Motivation to stick to the diet really hasn't been much of a problem lately - long-term pain and suffering is a great deterrent. I've found that I'm starting to lose my taste for many of those things (beer, bread, etc.) since I have such a strong reaction to them. My main problem seems to be accidental exposure, thinking something is gluten free when in fact it is not, and then finding out the hard way 2-days later. :/ Perhaps I'll talk to my doctor again about the testing situation... maybe it's worth a shot. Hadn't thought about the nutrient levels either. Thank you both so much.
  5. Good afternoon everyone: Over the last 7-8 years or so I started to experienced intense food cravings and compulsive overeating of pasta and bread,and later severe GI problems that caused hemmoroids, bleeding, and long periods of bloating/constipation/discomfort. I approached my doctor about it approx. 3 years ago, and she suggested that it was a common fiber/water intake issue. However, despite changing my diet and taking supplements, the problems continued to worsen. I'm 33 years old right now. Back in March 2013 I did a "colon cleanse," which changed everything for me. The 5-day juice/fiber fast completely eliminated my food cravings/overeating issues and really helped me to more clearly identify how different foods affected me. After talking to a girlfriend who has celiac's (she wasn't diagnosed until age 26!), I went gluten-free for a month, and then tried re-introducing beer. OUCH! After another cleanse and some more trial and error (both on purpose and by accident), I have become MUCH more sensitive to gluten. I have been extremely careful, reading labels and asking questions, but my last slip-ups involved eel sauce on sushi, and more recently, tofu that was deep-fried in shared oil (oops). I have become quite familiar with the increasingly severe GI effects of being "glutened," which usually hit starting two days after an exposure, and are very intense for least a week. I don't seem to be back to normal for at least 3 weeks, however. It has now been almost 3 weeks since my last slip-up (I think)... I was starting to feel better, but I've noticed that hard-to-digest foods (such as dairy, even caffeine) seem to "bring back" the gluten gut symptoms at times. I had caffeine over the weekend, and I've really been hurting the past few days. I've been vegetarian since a fairly young age (meat never tasted good to me) and probably ate entirely too much pasta and bread over the years (particularly in college). I am also lactose intolerant, but the symptoms are usually just stomach pain/bloating, not anything intestinal. I have not officially been tested or diagnosed with celiac's, but I have consulted with my doctor. She said that my symptoms sounded like a celiac-type reaction, and suggested that if it makes me feel better, I should just avoid gluten-containing foods (which I have done). I am scared to death of going back to eating gluten so that I could be tested. So really, what is to be gained from testing, other than a confirmation of what I already know? Could celiac affect me if I were to become pregnant? Are there other long-term health complications that only testing/diagnosis could identify? What are the alternatives to the blood tests that could provide some information? Is a colonoscopy worth it? What would you do if you were in my situation, and why? Thank you in advance!! <3 Sarah
  6. All fixed - I've got my new identity. Thank you!
  7. Haha! That's awesome. Will do - thank you very much!
  8. Hi all: I originally joined this forum because I was concerned about my (now ex) boyfriend's health issues... but he's out of the picture and I'm having problems with gluten! Is there a way to change my username? Or do I have to delete my account and start over to use my email address to register? Thank you, Sarah
  9. I found this thread today while researching the celiac/caffeine sensitivity relationship. I have not been "officially" tested/diagnosed celiac, but have consulted with my doctor and have been eating gluten-free for several months, after discovering that it seemed to be causing the long-term digestive issues I was experiencing. I have become quite familiar with the increasingly severe GI effects of being "glutened," which usually hit the hardest starting two days after an exposure, lasting for at least a week. It has been almost 3 weeks since my last slip-up with a food containing gluten. I am mostly feeling better, but hard-to-digest foods (such as dairy, I'm moderately lactose intolerant) seem to "bring back" the gluten gut symptoms at times, especially if it hasn't been very long since my last exposure. I have consumed very, very little caffeine since I've gone gluten-free as part of an overall lifestyle/diet change. I have noticed for years that I am sensitive to caffeine (sleeplessness, jitters, heartburn, etc.), but could usually tolerate it. This weekend my sleep was disturbed and I had a lot to do, so I decided to try a little DD coffee on Saturday afternoon. Starting Sunday evening into Monday (today) I have been VERY uncomfortable despite drinking tons of water and following a gluten-free diet as carefully as possible. It doesn't feel quite the same as the gluten-gut bloat, but I am experiencing a lot of intestinal pain and constipation (which is also causing other physical ailments), and was having a very difficult time sleeping last night. We'll see how long this lasts... I had more DD coffee this morning (probably not wise)... but for now it really sucks. :/ Maybe it's a result of the diuretic effect of coffee + the residual gluten damage? Does this sound similar to what anyone else is experiencing?