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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Tea - Super Sen.

    Harney and son has wonderful English Breakfast tea. Better than anything I have tried to date--their peppermint tea is the best too. Their website tells you which teas have gluten. Plus the tin they come in is beautiful--an added plus.
  2. Neutrogena will no longer back up any of their regular products as gluten free except for their new natural line--I called and asked a few weeks ago. That being said-I use their fragrance free facial bar and their oil free sensitive moisturizer in their regular line without a problem. You might look at www.cleure.com. I want to try them but am waiting until I am out of the neutrogena stuff. I still use the list as a resource but realize I am taking a risk. I tried Shiseido skincare which is gluten free but it has too much going on for my sensitive skin....except their skin care eye cream.
  3. Lindt and Godiva are pretty clear that they are not gluten free. Dagoba and Scharffenberger are gluten free. Lecithin can be wheat-derive but usually the manufacturer will label the source. Guittard is gluten free also.
  4. Paul Mitchell will send you a list of what products of theirs are gluten free. Their hair color is gluten free too! Joico has a list of gluten free products and you can search under KMS's website and it will give you a list. Dove is great about listing wheat/gluten products too.
  5. Thanks. My only concern is that Garnier contains alot of "natural" ingredients and I seem to be a bit sensitive to those too.
  6. Hi I am not only sensitive to gluten when ingested but topically. The eye cream I was using has been discontinued and I need to find a new one. I went to the drug store to check out the Neutrogena eye cream but the Healthy Radiance eye cream had oats in it so I am not sure if I can wear it. It was on a list on this site somewhere (I googled it) Any recommendations would be appreciated I am trying to keep it to drug store brands as my budget is tight. Thanks
  7. Probably. I have it listed on Craig's list for sale as it is in excellent condition but I thought maybe there was a way to salvage it. Thank you!
  8. Is there a rule on the proportions of almond flour to substitute for gluten flour. I am wanting to make gingerbread cookies and need some guidance. I was an expert baker with wheat and have not ventured forth into gluten free. TIA
  9. I used my non-stick rolling pin in my pre gluten-free days. Is there anyway to clean this so I can continue to use it? Thanks
  10. Paul Mitchell will send you a list of their gluten free products. Not all of their products are gluten free and their only source of gluten is from wheat which is usually clearly printed in the ingredients.
  11. Can I Still Do Hair?

    Paul Mitchell is great about sending a list of their gluten free products. Their only source for gluten is wheat. Their hair color is gluten free. My stylist switched me to it when I found I needed to be gluten free as I was having a severe reaction to gluten in shampoo, conditioner and color as well as styling products.
  12. Thank you. I am just really frightened of being glutened. I have been trying to be gluten free for 6 months and have had issues with a few things unknowingly.
  13. Are Palmer Peppermint Patties gluten-free? I can't find any information about it. I found the ingredients and one of the ingredients says "artificial flavors".
  14. I have aluminum bakeware and tupperware that I used before I went gluten free. Do I need to replace these or is there a way to clean these surfaces sufficiently to be able to keep on using them. I appreciate your help.
  15. Food Processor

    I was the pie dough queen and used my food processor for mainly this purpose. I will try the rubbing alcohol and see what happens as I don't currently have the funds to replace it.