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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Loss Of Appetite

    We had similar issues.......check the toothpaste/make-up/ shampoo/ bubblebath. I know it may sound strange but as someone pointed out to us your skin is porous, thats how Nicotine patches work. Gary.
  2. Ok, some background first. My new partner had an eating problem when we met. I diagnosed it and was confirmed by the doc's as Celiac. Her defense mechanism then was "dont eat, no pain". That was last October,after that the pains and bloating started to go and we both started to eat Gluten free. We are just starting to live together and are planning a gluten free kitchen. This February she had a spell in hospital due to Uterus and Ovary problems linked to cervical cancer 25 years ago. 4 weeks on a drip and not eating left her drained. When she was allowed to eat, everything came back up, food pills etc. The defense was then "dont eat, wont be sick". She eventually got through this as there was no medical reason for it, so she started to eat as it was the only way to get out of hospital. Now she has no appetite at all, turns her nose up at all food and eats begrudgingly. Her taste buds are shot,everything tastes sweet. Only drinks water. no tea, coffee fruit juice. Mouth dry's up every night, has constant sick feeling after very small meals and it feels like it is sitting high up in the stomach. Feet are constantly cold. She got a dieticians letter from the hospital and binned it but I've convinced her to at least listen to them. She still feels not eating is the answer to everything though. Any help, idea's, theory's greatly appreciated. Regards Very worried partner.