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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you both. It's good to get advice from some real experts because I have a feeling my doctor would just be sympathetic but quite useless. I like avocados and nuts, so I'll try having more of them. I'm in the UK and coconut milk, as far as I know, comes in tins with additives and sometimes thickened. Not sure if this is what you have in mind, but I will have a closer look when I'm in the shops. Part of the problem is that I have been fine since I started the gluten-free diet a couple of years ago. I have got glutened a few times by processed food but it goes in a few days. So this is something new and I have to adapt to it. Perhaps I need to get more organised, as you say, and keep a track of what I'm eating, and also do an elimination diet.
  2. Can't Put On Weight

    I'm so grateful too for this thread. It's such a relief to be able to talk about being underweight. I've always been thin (but then I may have always had celiacs!) and can't put weight on. I'm really struggling at the moment, feeling glutened but not knowing what is causing it (I am strictly gluten free). I am just hoping I feel better soon because the thought of going on an elimination diet does not fill me with joy!
  3. OK, thanks guys. I've always felt pretty positive about having celiacs - you just gotta avoid the gluten and you're fine - but it's obviously not that simple. I've also remembered that I've been taking high strength Vit C the last few days to avoid catching a bug that my family has. I know Vit C can upset the stomach if you take too much, so maybe that hasn't helped either.
  4. Hi, I'm having a bad time, having been stable for quite a while. I'm not sure what glutened me, but I suspect it was some processed soup (supposed to be gluten-free, but.....) Since then I haven't recovered. Normally it takes 4 days or a week, but it's 2 weeks on and I'm still struggling. I'm already extremely thin, and I'm losing weight because of the reaction. I've found a website that says you can cross-react to a long list of other foods: Amaranth Buckwheat Chocolate Coffee Corn Dairy ie Milk and Cheese (Alpha-Casein, Beta-Casein, Casomorphin, Butyrophilin, Whey Protein) Egg Hemp Millet Oats Polish wheat Potato Rice Sesame Sorghum Soy Tapioca Teff Yeast So I'm tempted to go on an extreme diet, but I'm also worried about losing more weight. Can anyone suggest foods that I can definitely eat safely to help my gut recover? Thank you!!!
  5. I've just been "glutened" by some cookies from the Tesco's Free From range which were made with gluten-free oat flour. I had my suspicions about oats before but this confirms that I can't eat them. I am self-diagnosed coeliac's so I was wondering why gluten-free oats are affecting me if my self diagnosis is right?
  6. Hi frieze, No, I'm not aware of any kidney/swelling/protein problems. I guess my concern is really about trying to understand what the optimum levels of calcium in the blood should be. I was told mine were OK (in which case it would make sense to reduce or stop the Adcal) but looking online my levels of calcium seem a little on the low side (in which case I should keep taking it). So that's what I'm confused about
  7. Hi, thanks for your replies. It is a gamble stopping the Adcal but my assumption is that as my gut heals it will be absorbing nutrients better and I may not need it. Presumably the advice from the Dexa scan clinic to stop the Adcal when my calcium levels were OK, was because there are increased risks of other health problems from taking Adcal. So, I dunno. I wish I had a doctor who was a bit more clued up and motivated!!
  8. I was suffering with an irregular heartbeat, had blood tests for it, found I was low in calcium and vit D and from there ended up with the diagnosis of celiacs. I had no idea low calcium could lead to heart irregularities; it sure was a relief when my heart got back to normal.
  9. Hi All I have problems with my calcium and vit D levels being low and the doctor has been prescribing Adcal (calcium/vit D3 supplement)for about a year. I got sent for a dexa scan which showed my bones were fine, so the nurse there said to stop the Adcal when my levels were OK. I've just had my blood test results. The serum calcium was 2.06 and the albumin was 50 (whatever that is!)I was told the calcium levels were normal, but when I looked up online that seems to be on the low side. For some reason they haven't done the vit D but they might have done it by the end of next week! Should I stop the Adcal? I'm asking here because my doctor doesn't fill me with confidence (long story short). Many thanks!
  10. Good question! Probably Actimel (probiotic drink) is my number one feel good food. Also bananas as mentioned above. My one cup of coffee a day helps to combat the brain fog and gives me a rare energy boost.
  11. I have been suffering from gluten symptoms since the weekend and assuming that the chocolate brownies I made at the weekend (with supposedly gluten-free ingredients) must have been contaminated. As I was grieving for them (they were very yum!) and thinking I would have to chuck them out or give them away, I had a flash of inspiration that maybe the reaction was due to the wallpaper paste I was using at the weekend. I looked it up on this forum and there were some references that questioned it and some links to follow up which I did, and lo and behold: "The glue property of gluten is still used today to make wallpaper paste. The old-fashioned way of making wallpaper paste was to mix up high gluten flour and warm water into a soupy paste that would be applied to the back of wallpaper to get it to stick to the walls. It
  12. I was NOT looking forward to my first gluten free pancake day, but I did go out and buy some Doves gluten-free flour and lemons, and the results are fantastic! I think you would be hard pushed to tell the difference. In fact I think they were easier to make than the traditional ones I've made in the past. I used the Doves pancake recipe: 200 g Gluten Free Plain White Flour 2 Eggs 1 tbsp Sunflower Oil 500 ml Milk :)
  13. Books For Beginners

    Hi folks, thank you for the recommendations and advice. I had a look at the other thread on books too. I've ordered the Dummies book, but yes, I'll be careful with the info. One thing I'm learning is that although we all have one thing in common on this forum, to a certain extent each person has to find their own way as we all vary so much. I started keeping a diary of symptoms about a year ago, which made me feel like a bit of a hypochondriac, but it's really useful for looking back over and seeing what has made a difference.
  14. I've just recently gone gluten free and feel so much better. Thank you so much for this forum and all the contributions - I've spent quite a lot of time already browsing through all the info here and it's been soooo useful! Great to feel that I'm not alone with this. I'm thinking of buying a book on gluten intolerance and I'm wondering what people recommend. I live in the UK so that narrows it down a bit. Has anyone read Gluten Free for Dummies? Any other suggestions? PS Please feel free to point me to the right thread if this has been covered before! I had a look in the publications bit, but that seems to be research and papers.
  15. Psychological Effect Of Extreme Fatigue.

    Hi Susan, Yes, this strikes a chord with me! I have had a lot of fatigue for years and only recently found out that without gluten the tiredness is gone. I used to get very worried when there was a day out planned with people about how I was going to cope with it and I think that has become very ingrained. In my case it would be too strong to call it post-traumatic psychological damage; more a case of conditioning: knowing that a tiring schedule was likely to produce stress and conflict with other people's plans. I find Byron Katie's books helpful with this sort of thing.