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  1. Hi anabananakins, The country life bread is okay, main thing is my daughter will eat it and makes her feel normal with the other kids eating sandwiches for lunch at Kindy. I am thinking about buying a bread maker and trying to make my own, have you tried making your own gluten-free bread?
  2. Hello, I'm a new member, live in Sydney on the northern beaches. Both my daughter (Ella aged 5) and I are Coeliac, have both been on a Gluten free diet for about 12 months. I am always on the lookout for new products and places to eat out, trying to keep the school luchbox interesting for Ella. Buy most of our gluten-free products from the local Coles and Woolworths. Standard gluten-free food in our Pantry is; Freedom Foods Rice Puffs Freedom Foods Rice Flakes Freedom Foods Muesli Range of Woolworths Macro Buscuits San Remo Gluten Spirals San Remo Gluten Free Sheets San Remo Gluten Free Spaghetti Old Time Bakery - Gluten Free Pizza Bases (from Woolworths) White Wings Gluten Free Flour - used for most of the cake baking In The Frezzer Country Life - gluten-free Multigrain Bread Bulla Ice Cream I have not tryed to bake in gluten-free bread myself yet, I think I will try this in 2012, still miss the taste of beautiful fresh white bread. Nice to read previous entries, have picked up some good tips already.