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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mushroom, Thank you for your kind & informative response. It is difficult for me to ask advice as with my profession I am the one that is supposed to have the answers... so when I ask for help I completely appreciate the answers and validation you gave me. I have posted just this post as I am completely new to this whole forum thing and honestly quite scared and overwhelmed about this all. I am sorry if I took your response the wrong way, Pricklypear1971, I just felt as though it was cold. Overall, I thought it was worth a thank you to you, mushroom, for your kindness.
  2. Hello, I am new to this but hopeful that you can help. For quite sometime now I have experienced the common symptoms that are listed for Celiac Disease. I would say for the past 6 months I have has intermittant aches and pains, fatigue (although I have been training for a marathon), GI upset, etc. As someone that is familiar with nutrition, I have kept a Food journal in the attempt to try to target the culprit. You guessed it. I think it is gluten. But, I must admit I am trying to find a diagnosis... something to 'fix' on my own. So, in an attempt to completely disprove my scary self findings... I ate some whole wheat pizza (cheese and all) and a small chocolate chip cookie. I commonly now refer to this as my 'Binge from H***" (I should mention that I limited gluten for 80-90% for about 3-4 weeks prior to this 'binge'). Within 45 minutes I was so very sick. It felt like someone was gripping my stomach with sharp finger nails (think Freddy Krueger). The GI upset was in the form of diarrhea and vomit and extreme abdominal pains. It was aggressive, painful and excessive. It lasted for about an 90 min total - in 3-5 minute bouts. And it ended when my stomach felt completely emptied (i.e. no dry heaves, etc.) Am I going crazy or is this a possibly celiac diagnosis? I am fearful to go to my doc as she has heard my symptoms various times and never suggested this. I respect her decisions but this just does not present as IBS to me... it was way more aggressive. Since then, (8 days ago) I have been so fearful of eating anything with gluten so I have just stayed with safe natural foods (eggs, fruits, veggies, etc.) and I have not had an incident at all... and I must admit I feel better... but it may be mind over matter. Also, I ran my marathon on the 4th and did pretty well. However this incident was 2 days after so I was probably pretty dehydrated as a result of the race and the reaction I had. I have read that there is sometimes a precipitating event (i.e. physical/ emotional stress) that may jump start this auto immune disease. Any thoughts on this? I understand I have to go get soem blood work to get a diagnosis and I fear re introducing gluten into my diet to see the result and get an accurate diagnosis via blood work. So i was hoping for some answers from the true experts (YOU who live with this everyday) before I present my case to my doctor. Thanks for your time