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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten-Free Cinnamon Chex

    Yes, Chex making me sick is what brought me to the website today. Ugh!
  2. I tried Gluten Free Chex again(the Apple Cinn) and it is "not" gluten free because I suddenly have to go to the bathroom (to say the least) after each bowl. How is this possible??? Ugh
  3. Mi Ranchito Gluten Free Menu?

    I explained to her that I would "never" be visiting her restaurant (apparently she doesn't know about celiac disease if she thinks I could eat there anyways?)I suggested that she might want to offer a gluten-free menu in the future gain more business and this was her reply (see below). I'm officailly done trying to pursue gluten-free here... Sigh. I am sorry that we will not be seeing you. At this time, it is cost prohibitive for us to undergo a menu analysis in order to create a gluten free menu. We recommend you follow your nutritionist's advice. If you have a list of ingredients you need to avoid we would be more then happy to verify that our recipe does not contain any of those items. Thank you very much for letting us know of your dietary needs, so that we can get a menu analysis budgeted. Gaby Yanez Administrative Assistant Mi Ranchito Corporate Office 1300 W 95th Street Lenexa, KS 66215 913 599 3413
  4. I think it has trace amounts of gluten, because I too had a reaction, foggy headedness, sudden onset flatulence 10 mins. after ingesting, etc. I will avoid going forward.
  5. No we do not have a gluten menu. Very truly sorry but hope to see you soon at Mi Ranchito. Gaby Yanez Administrative Assistant Mi Ranchito Corporate Office
  6. Whey Protein Gluten Problem

    EAS has Oats in it (they claim to be certified gluten free) but it tore me up every-time, I remember the top of my brain feeling like moosh and getting cramped up. I had to stop taking this in college because it was essentially kryptonite. If you're an athlete beware.
  7. gluten-free Pizza Delivery In Kansas City!

    http://www.wheatstatepizza.com/indexs.php Wheat State Pizza also delivers a gluten-free Pizza I know the name sounds scary but the crust is differnt from everybody elses gluten-free crust. I've only tried it once so I can't yet give it my full seal of approval yet. I talked to the lady there and she knows to change her gloves, use clean utensils withoout me having to say anything about it so you might give it a try.
  8. Jason's Deli

    I ate at the Jason's Deli in Olathe, KS. today. I called and talked to the manager Andy (a real nice guy) before ordering and explained I hadn't ate at his restaurant for a long time because I was getting sick. He personally watched over my order to make sure it was gluten free but I still got sick (sudden on set tiredness, sudden aching in joints, sudden foggy headedness, and sudden and continuous rumbling in my bowels). I asked him about the mayonnaise and he said they changed the utensils but got the mayo from the same place other sandwiches are made UGH!!! I explained to him that this causes cross contamination and is not gluten free he apologized. If you're going to eat here be sure to ask for: mayo in a packet and chips in unopened package. I'm not sure how to make sure the pickle hasn't come into contact with anything. I hope you can avoid my experience. 
  9. First Watch (The Works) Not Gluten Free

    Here is my email sent today to Jessica Repogle from First Watch to hopefully get this problem fixed, I'll post response when I get one. I sent her my expierence above. I wanted to make you aware of a reaction that I had eating at your Shawnee, KS. Location so you might take a closer look at your ingredients/preparation of gluten free items. I posted this Saturday to prevent other celiacs from getting sick like I did. I
  10. Nothing packs on the lbs. like good old fashion steak and potatoes, chicken and potatoes is the next best thing imo and was very hypoallergenic for me when I first started. Another think if you just want to stack on the weight would be to buy Pamela's cookies I loved the chocolate chip walnut (each box is 1,000 calories) each and goes down soooooooooooooooooo easy! These two items coupled with Soy Silk (I
  11. Just ate at First Watch in Shawnee, KS. and had "The Works" off of their gluten free menu with a coffee (black) the food tasted great as was the service unfortunately I had a gluten reaction. My head is so foggy right now I feel stoned, had to go to the bathroom with quick onset bowel movement to say the least. I'm not sure if it is CC or not but I just wanted to warn anyone else so they don't suffer the same as I am right now. Instantly feel debilitating tiredness, I'm going to email Fiirst Watch so they are aware that something in the food contains gluten.