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  1. I get pins and needles and itching in response to dairy and dairy substitutes like soy and almond milk. I get the night sweats as the reaction is ending. I am 4 months gluten free. So, maybe your sweats are from something other than gluten.
  2. Does anyone have a reaction to the milk substitutes? I get pins and needles from soy, almond, and coconut milks. Haven't tried rice or hemp yet. Does anyone getthis type of reaction? I am lactose intolerant and also get the pins and needles from dairy products and some fruit. I am almost 4 months on a gluten free diet. I would like to find a good dairy substitute for baking and for breakfast cereal. Thanks for any explanation or ideas.
  3. Had LS for several years and it was getting worse. Was diagnosed with celiac disease in September. LS completely gone after only a couple of weeks without gluten.