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  1. Strange you mention that itch. I used to get it regularly. I thought it was related to my appendix. But, I don't remember having it since I've been gluten free.
  2. We saw improvement with both our children within 2 weeks of dropping gluten from their diet.
  3. I dropped gluten and kept up the Omega 3s. Musle cramps and pain disappeared totally a few weeks afterward. I can't believe I put up with it for decades - being told it was normal...
  4. Not near the pregnant look, but I did have some pudge in the middle that I couldn't get rid of even with exercise. Seemed strange to be thin with a gut. I'm not a beer drinker. After dropping gluten from my diet, I've lost 20 pounds. The belly pudge is gone. With regular situps, I now have decent looking abs. It took about 2 months. JWSJ
  5. My daughter and I have been gluten and dairy free for >6 months. Previously, any amount of either would throw us for a loop. Last night, we tried a gluten free pizza with mozzarela from Mellow Mushroom. I read the dairy issue may lessen when your GI heals from the gluten damage. The pizza caused no problems for either of us. Maybe, we can have some from time to time. This is great news for us! Anyone have similar experiences? JWSJ
  6. Are there any restaurants that have gluten and dairy free kid's meals? We've only had luck with Jason's Deli and Moe's. (My kids are tired of eating there when we're out.) JWSJ
  7. My daughter and I are dairy and gluten free due to allergies. Being gluten free has been an annoyance. Luckily, the sick stomach aches are enough to keep us away from gluten. Rice and corn are easy substitutes. Dairy free has been more difficult. We don't get nearly as sick. It also seems easier to avoid gluten. Dairy is hard to avoid - it's in everything baked. Cheese substitutes are just not as tasty. Which is harder for you: dairy or gluten free? JWSJ