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  1. So I'm new here. My sister has decided that her kids, the two SHE gave birth to, not her stepkids, are gluten sensitive. I'll try to keep this short and near the point. She was anorexic in high school until our parents started "hounding" her and then she became bulimic. She survived that, only to still barely eat anything. I should note at this time that women in our family are not typically heavy at all. On to her kids, HER two kids, the other two are fine. (A little bitterness here as she tends to treat them a little different.) She decided that they were gluten sensitive since they have tummy aches. She had them tested and it came back negative. She decided to put them on a gluten free diet. Ok. Two years later I'm getting close to mastering the gluten free cooking. It took some practice, but I won over the "Gluten-free is taste free" crowd at Thanksgiving. The look on my neice's face was priceless when she asked me which were the ones she could eat and I told her everything. She started homeschooling the kids this year and apparently their lunch, everyday, is peanut butter, yogurt, and a banana. I can't count the times I've heard the youngest one ask for more, be told no and then hear "but Momma I'm still hungry." The last time she took them to the doctor, she was told they were underweight. They do look like they're getting too thin. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that when they were babies, if they didn't poop when she thought they should, she was always quick to give them laxatives or even suppositories. Which causes me to worry that maybe she messed with their natural development, which in turn caused their tummy aches. And finally, does this not sound like she is pushing her eating disorder onto her children? I won't even get started on my Munchausen by proxy theories. Oops. One more thing that originally sent me here in the first place. She preaches at every family function that her kids can't have anything with gluten. She insists that everyone change how they cook for her two girls. However she serves them whole wheat pasta and whole wheat tortillas. Does this not contradict the gluten-free diet she supposedly has them on? I think she's crazy, but I'm crazy for all my neices and nephews and if cooking gluten-free makes life easier and better for those two, I'll go all out, but does she sound crazy or what? (First post to a forum ever) Apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors, Thanks for reading!