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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Bye Bye Gall Bladder

    My advice, PUSH PUSH PUSH! I got lucky with a good suregon! I had aHIDA scan in Dec (when I was dx with celiac) and it showed 17% working. So def not good, but I didn't have stones. So they decided to wait for a while and se if the new diet would take care of the pain. It calmed down for a couple weeks, but I started to bloat and the pain came back. When I went to my surgeon 2 weeks ago, he said let's do this. Honestly, I looked 9 months preggo I was so bloated. Not fun! But, in 5 days since it got taken down, I'm almost back to "normal". Lol. So ladies, God bless in your journey! And like my husband tells me, it will get better, just build your testimony so that when God heals you, you can encourage others!
  2. Okay, so after 4 months of suffering, I finally had my gall bladder taken out. Up till Friday, I had belly distension and pain under my ribcage. Now, just surgery pain. The doc said my galbladder was nasty and I was lucky it lasted that long. Just another step in my recovery process. Keep your heads up Celiacs! We can do it!
  3. I did not suffer from diarrhea, but constipation and was diagnosed in December at the age of 32. God bless and hope you get answers!
  4. Coldstone Creamery

    I just went to Coldstone because of the idea I got from this thread. I got there and told the young kid that I had a gluten allergy. He got the manager to come over. I told her I needed her to use new fresh scoops and a new tub of icecream. Her response: NO PROBLEM, anything we can do to help you enjoy your experience with us! Wow, I'm extremely impressed with the Lima, ohio Coldstone!
  5. Great News!

    REALLY??!!i didn't think I could ever have another....lol
  6. Great News!

    Thanks! I blieve that having successes are part of coping and make all the crud worth missing my BabyRuths (which I'm am craving REAL BAD). Lol
  7. Great News!

    I just thought i'd share my super news: in just 2 weeks of eating gluten free, I've dropped 10 pounds! I know its nothing special, but ith all the setbacks I've had, its a huge success for me
  8. Toledo, Oh

    Hello! I'm in Lima, and I have been looking. The dietitians at the hospital said there is a great group in Bellefontaine and I might try there too
  9. Anyone From Ohio?

    Thanks so much! I appreciate your kindness. Well, I've made it 11 days gluten free and have done great. But like many have voiced, have been down the last 2 days. I'm trying hard for my girls, they too are very concerned with making sure I'm "allowed" to eat certain things...lol. Christmas with families was hard, but I made it. I just want to be and feel "normal" again. I toldmy husband and he said I would some day..I love that man. But I'm just not sure I will. Sorry to blubber on, I guess we all need to do it on occassion but I'm thankful to have a place where peple understand what I'm going thru.
  10. Anyone From Ohio?

    Hello all! I am a "newly diagnosed" member. I was just diagnosed Monday and am looking for people near me to talk about things you've discovered ect. I'd appreciate discussions
  11. Newbie With Problems

    Thanks s much! Thiswhole thing is so hard. It seem as if I take 1 step forward, it's followed by 2 steps back
  12. Hi everyone. I am a 32 yr old mom of 3 that was just confirmed with Celiac today. I had a biopsy Friday and just got results today. I've been through so many emotions ( and tears) and have just recently decided I can do this. I am still in the hospital after a sudden attack last Tuesday. My issue is that I am having extreme pain right below my ribcage and haven't been able to get pain under control. Also, my gall bladder is only working at 17%. Has anyone had this issue? And how was it handled? My surgeon wats to "wait a couple of weeks" before thinking about taking it out, is this normal? Thanks so much, and can't wait to learn lots!