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  1. he is celiac, but no one wants to get convinced, when i tell them that he cant eat wheat because it hurts him they start saying OH NO WONDER WHY HE IS SO SKINNY, HE ISNT GETTING ENOUGH VITAMINES.... I took him off wheat for a while but then put him back on after my dietitian told me to so i can do him some more tests.... I judge people from the way people children look, but never by their weight, for examply if a child is dirty and wearing dirty clothes i would judge the parents but not by their weight, my sons are always wearing the best clothes and are always the cleanest children too, and the most polite ones, and they judge me by his weight??? NO ONE WANTS TO UNDERSTAND...did this everry happen to you?? where people judging you for being a bad mom just becasue your celiac chid was over weight or under weight???
  2. my son has been so skinny almost his whole life, he was very healthy till i introduced solids, and he is my first son, he was 23 pounds when he was nine months i was only breastfeedinf him, he never drank milk, that is when i started introducing solids, and he didnt gain not even one pound for about two years. when people see him they would tell me why dont you feed him, or you dont know how to raise kids.... i am so tired of those comments, one of my friends told me let him stay with me for a weak and i will make him gain 10 pounds... i am so tired of these comments, i feed my son more than any one i know, sometimes i cook him two or three different foods just so he eats more, i only give him chips or chocolate as a prize for him finishing all his plate, or as a prize for eating his plate of fruit. when people know that i only give himm junk food in small amounts they start telling me that it is wrong, they start telling e how do you expect him to gain weight if he doesnt eat candy and stuff like that.. i give my son a box of juice only when we go somewhere so he can put it in his backpack incase he gets thirsty, but when he is home i always do fresh juice for him... i know that he is skinny but it isnt my fault, i am doing everything i can for him to gain weight. i have a 16 month old son that weighs more than his brother now, even though there is 21 months difference between them, so i know that it isnt something that i am doing.... sorry for writing so much but i am so dipressed witht he people around me
  3. my son is three years old, and was diagnosed with celiac about a month ago, he was born 9 pounds, a very healthy baby, i breastfed him for 9 months before i introduced solids, when he was 9 months he weighed 23 pounds, he was so chubby, but when i introduced solids he started to lose weight, he never gained not even one pound for a little over two years till he finally gained a few pounds, imagine he was the same weight when he was nine months old and 2 year and nine months.... he had a list of symptoms: 1- always bloated, i used to laugh at his stomach he looked like a pregnant woman 2- diarrhea all the time, he never had a good bowelmovement in his whole life 3- very week hair 4- dark patches under his eyes 5- extremely skinny 6- sometimes he would eat like there is no tomorrow other day he would hardly eat, he lookes like those kids in poor countries that are starving, it was so sad to look at him 7- unexplained fevers all the time, the last time he was put in the hospital for eight days with an unexplained fever, they did a bunch of tests on him but they never found out what was wrong 8- always vomitting, sometimes it would be a couple months with out him throwing up, and other times he would throw up every day almost the same time every day.... u must be thinking that he had all these syptoms and the doctors never knew what was wrong with him??? i am the type of mother that cares about he children so much, i took my son to a lot of doctors, and where i live if i want to take my son to a doctor it costs a lot but i didnt care all i wanted was for him to get better, but every doctor would tell me a different thing, finally i took him to a doctor and told him that i think that he has celiac so he asked for tests and i told him the symptoms, but before i told him anything he looked at my son and he siad that it looks like celiac, i did the test and it was negative, but the doctor said that he was almost positive that he was celiac, i didnt take him off gluten i am waiting to do the endoscopy before i take him back off gluten.... do any of your celiac children have wek hair??? i heard that this may be a symptom as well..
  4. i am sure that most of you saw this what did your doctor say about it?? please i am so worried and his doctor wont see my son nor the results till the sixteenth of next month
  5. hello everyone, i did stoo test for my 3 eyar old it showed reducing agents in stool, what does this mean????
  6. there was this one time when i went to a friend of mine with my son, she knows that my son is celiac so i was planning on taking his snacks but she told me that everything is going to be gluten free, so i was so happy that i am not going to be worried of him eating something with gluten in it. needless to say i went there and when we were watching a movie she got popcorn (a very good start), then she went back to the kitchen and got cake, i asked her is this gluten free, so she assured to me that they are and said that she read the ingredients over and over again, so i told her to show me the box the first ingredient said flour, so i told her that this contains gluten, do she started telling me if you dont want to eat it dont eat it, but look how skinny your son is let him eat some, so i told her about his problem AGAIN, then she jumped up and told me well 3 months ago on his birthday he was eating cake and cookies, and i am pretty sure they were made of gluten, so if he had it for more than two years and nothing happened i am sure he can have it now.... i dont know why i stood there arguing with her anyways, i sent my husband a msg to call me and pretend that it is an emergency so he did and i left that day and never returned, now we are still friends but not that close
  7. Ignorant Comments

    i am a person that hardly eats cookies, i dont eat hamburgers when going out because personally i dont trust what they put in them, one time me and some close friends went out for lunch, and my son is celiac and they are all aware of that, so i got him frenchfries that they are gluten free, and some salad, and i ordered for me the same thing, they all started asking why dont you order burgers, or something else, but i told them that i dont like burgers (so they dont start trying to convince me to eat in that place and that they know what they put in the meat and so on, so i said that just to avoid and argument). The next thing i know while we were eating my son told me that he wants a hamburger so i told him that they are yucky, after all he was at the time only 30 months old and he doesnt understand if i tell him that they are not good for him, but if i tell him that tthey are yucky he wont ask for them again, so all of my friends started telling me "if you dont like something it doesnt mean you cant give it to your son".. I was so mad I was like "WHAT?" and they all know what his problem is, so i told them again that he cant have anything with gluten in it, so one of them said "i am sure that the cheese burgers dont have gluten in them", so i told them that the bread has gluten, and how it makes him sick, anyways, i was pregnant at the time, o i had to go to the lady's room, so i left my son with them for about 3 minutes and then we went home, that night my son kept crying, very bad diarrhea and vomitting , so i called one of my friends and she said that she had given him a piece of her hamburger just to see if anything happens to him but nothing happened so she gave him another piece.... i was so mad and started yelling telling her that my son is sick because of her... needless to say i dont hang out with any of them any more.. i mean you dont believe someone has a problem until you put them to a test????
  8. hello everyone, my sons test results shows low B.U.N level and high SGOT level. does anyone know waht this means??? i need an answer as soon as posssible
  9. my son never ate butter or drank milk either he only ate cheese, and that is what i thought when he got on a dairy free diet, i thought that i would eleminate the cheese from his diet and all would be good, but i didnt know that almost everything had milk in it, soups, icecream, almost all cakes, cookies, chocolate, some candies, some speghetti..... and the list goes on and on and on but i do hope that you find it easy, because personally i find it very hard
  10. hello everyone i responded to this post before saying that gluten free is much harder than dairy free, i would like to change that to say that dairy free diet is a thousand time harder than a gluten free diet, because now most of the stuff my son cant eat, i find either dairy free products or gluten free products, it is hard to find a product that my son would eat that is both gluten and dairy free........ i hope that his lactose intollerance is only temporary... i have my fingers crossed
  11. that is the problem, i am currently out of the country, and where i live now there is nothing gluten and dairy free, every time i go to a supermarket and ask them if they have guten and dairy free cookies, muffins, cake mixes or anything.. they look at me like i am crazy or something, my neighbor said that there is a store that might have those stuff about 2-3 hours away, i am going to get them when i have a chance, and when i do i am going to get in large amounts.......
  12. my three year old just went gluten and dairy free ten day ago, i still didnt bring him gluten free bread, or speghetti or anything, i tried baking him bread with corn flour and rice four but he didnt like them, i tasted they they had no taste, so i put it back in the oven and put gluten free pizza sauce on it and mushroom, olives, and other stuff for pizza that are gluten and dairy free, he still didnt like it...... for breakfast i was feeding him scrabled eggs with a fork or food that are left over from lunch the day before...... today he would not eat the rice that i have cooked yesterday, he wouldnt eat scrambled eggs, nor hashbrowns, i got so depressed so i did him frenchfries for breakfast for two reasons, first of all he loves it, second of all since it is fried it has alot of callories in it,but he still hardly ate. ever since i put on him on the gluten and dairy free diet he has lost more weight, but at least his belly isnt sticking out like a pregnant woman....... i am so depressed i thought that he was supposed to be getting better by now, his stool is yellow diarrhea i need your advice i am so depressed
  13. thank you so much for your reply, i wantede to get him custom probiotics but i was afraid to, but now since you said that they helped you i am sure that they are going to help him, i am going to give them a try
  14. hi everyone, my son just turned three last friday and he has been on gluten free diet for 9 days, he has diarrhea his whole life, i was just wondering how long till his stool becomes like how it should be???
  15. hello, sorry if this bothers any of you, but i just want to know how bad is my son, he was 20 pounds when he went to his 9 month check up, and remained the same weight till he was 28 months, now at 36 months he weighs 28 pounds how much did and does your toddler weigh and can anyone please post pictures before and after their child going gluten free????