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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Need A Better Doctor In Memphis Tn

    sorry i completely forgot i posted this!, i actually work in collierville so im out here nearly everyday, i will look into dr. natarajan because im a talker and i ask a ton of questions, im dying to find a dr that wants to listen to me!
  2. ok so, the general practioner im seeing now is a total moron. she won't listen to me, in fact she tried to send me on my merry way with acid reflux medication rather than refer me to the g.i. anyways fast forward a few months and i find out im allergic to many things, gluten, soy and a variety of veggies. but i dont know what to do now because its been about five months and im so drained and worn out all the time but im feeling better than i was. when i went in for a follow up with my allergist he said he was pleased i was feeling better even though it wasnt 100% and he wouldnt need to see me again even though i expressed my concern about my new life style. last week i went back to this idiot gp and she would only test me for vitamin D and iron. both came back low and she wrote me a prescription for vitamin d and told me to pick up a multi vitamin for the iron... i asked the nurse if it was soy free vitamin D and of course it wasnt. after i told her it has to be soy free, the nurse said she would get with the dr and make sure to get me something soy free... i have yet to hear from them and when i call im sent to voice mail. clearly they are not concerned for my well being and honestly i wonder if just taking a supplement will help me much. shouldnt i have been set up with a nutritionist somewhere along the line? could there be something more serious causing me to have such low iron and vitamin D? i feel like no one is looking and just feels im a hypochondriac. im 25 years old and im going straight to bed when i get home from my full time job, and i wake up so tired and drained. so does anyone know a dr in memphis that will listen to me and help me?
  3. Mellow Mushroom (Pizza)

    ive eaten at the mellow mushroom (in collierville TN) twice since my diagnoses and both times i got sick. the first time the waitress was pretty ditsy and put bell pepers on my pizza too when im allergic so my throat immediately swelled up and pizza was stuck in my throat for a good hour. the second time i went was a few months later, this time it was better, no immediate reaction and they even had vegan cheese for me. but i ended up sick a few hours later, comepletly wiped out and sharp pains in my side. im also allergic to soy and my soy reaction can be similar to my gluten reaction so i dont know which it was but i couldnt get out of bed the next two days. i give up trying to eat outside of my home. if you can eat out i highly suggest mellow mushroom its amazing.
  4. Gi Doctor In Memphis

    i also live in memphis and i saw dr. richard aycock at the memphis gastro group. while i didnt end up having the endo i really liked him and if i do end up getting one i will go back to him. he seemed very knowledgable.
  5. Need Help Reading Blood Test

    carecare, i do not know, i dont see anything about deamidated on the test results report. and booghead you're right i should tell you my background and from what ive read on this forum im thinking its celiacs... im 25 and i have had an array of issues. to start you should know that neither of my parents are big on doctors, they very much believe in diet, exercise and vitamins. my mother recently told me when she found out ive been seening doctors that she hopes i have better luck finding out what it is than she did. apparently when i was a baby i was extremely colic-y for most of my infancy and well into my childhood had stomach issues. she said shes taken me to children clinics and an ive seen several doctors and they all just chalked it up to a "fenicky" stomach. but then it went away as i got a little older it became ear issues, and sinus issues. looking back now though its always been stomach issues. ive always had D or C and tummy aches and my mother just told me it was nothing and i'd take a tums or some gas pill to help me. i guess i was 22 when it started getting unbearable. for New Years Eve i went with a few friends to New Orleans and the entire time we were there i was gorging on great food and then by the fourth day i realized i had major C, MAJOR... i looked 5 months pregnant and i was miserable.(its not fun sending your new boyfriend out to hunt down exlax). after the trip i felt worse than ever, extreme fatigue so i went to my GP he said i had mono and thats when i brought up the D and C issues and my frequent panic attacks. he said to drink more water, exercise to help the mono and take more fiber, and as far as anxiety it was normal for the body to feel that way when youre sick. but i never felt like i got over the mono, i would have good days but i never had much energy. so everytime i saw a dr for my sinus infections i brought it up and they would say the same thing. and all the while i was slowly gaining weight. so fast forward to this summer, weeks of crazy non-stop acid reflux nexium could not cure and pain in my left side i visited a dr. she said it was acid reflux like she has and gave me another antacid that may work better, i asked her to test my vitamin levels and my thyroid, she was super nice and willing. she also wanted to do an ultra sound on my galbladder. the galbladder was fine, but my vitamin d was really low and my iron was low as well. and she was ok with me just taking supplements but i couldnt help thinking there was a cause for my vitamin d being so low, so i began to research and ready about IBS and it lead me to food allergies so i kept a food journal and when i couldnt figure it out i called an allergist. after a prick test he found im extremely allergic to soy and also allergic to melons, squash, bananas, tomatoes, eggplants, peas, cucumbers, and sesame (i decided to go dairy free too). i went in thiking it was an allergy to casein but he thought it could be celiacs or gluten intolerance and thus the panel. but when i left that day he told me to stop eat gluten then, so i did and he called me with the results and told me he could refer me to a G.I. for further investigation. i went to see the G.I. and after going back to gluten after just a few weeks i was doubled over in pain, i feel like a total zombie at work and i kept calling in sick between trying to deal with that and finding out it was estimated to cost 1000.00 dollars i had to cancel my biopsy. i went back to see my allergist yesterday and talk with him and he said that as long as going gluten free is helping then its ok that i dont get a biopsy but the minute things get worse i need to see the G.I. celiac or not im staying gluten and soy free for the remainder of my life. i've suffered through depression, anxiety, gas, dissented stomach, fatigue etc far too long to ever go back. and i dont know if it was the soy or the gluten but my face cleared right up and im so happy because i didnt get acne until i was in my 20s, and this crazy quarter sized dry itchy patch on my hip went away.
  6. so my allergist told me my celiacs blood panel shows I'm "borderline". these are the test results and I'm not sure how to read them, or what to do next. RETICULIN IgA autolabs: <1:10 titer <1:10 titer ENDOMYSTAL IgA autolabs: negative negative GLIADIN IgG abs: 19 u/mL <10.0 u/mL GLIADIN IgA abs: 10 u/mL <11 u/mL reference range: < 11 u/mL negative 11- 17 u/mL equivocal > 17 u/mL positive TTG IGA: 0.7 u/mL refernce range: < 4 u/mL negative 4-10 u/mL weak postive > 10 u/mL positive