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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. There's nothing in the sauces i would bring, the curry powder is jst finely ground spices and corn flour, I have a soy sauce and a Worchester sauce i haven't opened yet so their sealed, would that not be ok? Sure its fo consumption im not planting anything or bringing in meat or dairy based stuff. I also have 2 packets of g.f noodles i bought from a heath shop i was going to bring those too as they were expensive and i never finished the packets...? Thanks for the reply
  2. Thanks a mill, i will make a note of that. I was wondering about the price of things and which brads are best but i guess i have to try them. I think i will bring the likes of sauces and dried curry sauce with me. Michelle Celiac 15 months
  3. Hi Guys, U all sound pretty clued up to , so maybe you can help. I am travelling from Ireland to perth via singapore and am wondering about foods and nice places to eat in perth that will know what celiac means, my friend lives out there since december and has been sick a few times from waitresses telling her their stuff is gluten free when it is not... Im wondering about products in the supermarket...how expensive are they? and what are brand si should be looking out for?? I am Irish and only diagnosed last year so im nervous ab the traveling part.... Thanks a lot michelle
  4. Just Returned From Trip To Australia

    I am From Dublin, Ireland. I live in monaghan the last while which is near northern Ireland so i can get a lot of products from the U.K supermarkets and they are lovely. Pricey but lovely. I am staying in Fremantle in Perth for 5-6 months before i move around to travel. Although im looking forward to this i am nervous of becoming sick and will try bring out things like sauces and dried packet stood from home. Baggage allowance is 20kg and we are going for the year so its going to be tough... I will check out that other post if i find it i'l make a list of what i can so i will know then. Thank you both
  5. Go Irish!

    We are a celiac friendly country, most of our restaurants have gluten free beside the meals t state weather they are gluten-free or not... substitutes are offered and i haven't been sick yet. If in doubt ask to speak tot he chef they usually accommodate you with options. Excellent options in Belfast, Galway, Cork, Kerry and of course Dublin. I recommend Lemon on South Willaim street behind Grafton st in dublin their gluten-free Crepes are amazing... Lemon Crepe & Coffee co 66 William Street South, Dublin 2, Ireland +353 1 672 9044 ‎ Rustic Stone is also gorgeous and famous Irish Chef Dylan Mcgrath owns this place... 17 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, Ireland +353 1 707 9596 ‎
  6. Just Returned From Trip To Australia

    I am heading to Perth for 6 months does anyone have any information about products i sould look out for in the shopping centres and restaurants i can eat safely in?? Michelle
  7. Gluten Free In Australia

    Hi Guys I'm moving to Australia next week and i would love to know if anyone has been or maybe lives there, do they have any information about products or gluten-free Restaurants I can eat in?? I am going to Perth first for 5/6 months then i will travel so any information is greatly accepted. I have checked out celiac society of Australia and each region had its own costs which are very pricey at 110 dollars for membership. Michelle
  8. I had a rash on my face which is how i was eventually diagnosed with Celiac, get some dapsone tablets and it will clear it up for you...
  9. Have To Take Gluten

    Try Dapsone, its much better
  10. Uk Foods

    Sainsbury's do a Free From range, as do Tesco, Dunnes Stores and Asda, this range is gluten free and i think would be suitable for you.
  11. New Guy!

    Hi Im 29 and was only Diagnosed last year for sure, I had been attending the hospital with the same symptoms and problem for 3 years before they thought to test me for Celiac Disease. I was shocked. I asked my own G.P to run bloods 3 years ago because i felt i was allergic or intolerant to something i was eating and he said all results came back totally clear. Do they not check for that or what....?? I was fuming, no need to say what almost for years of medical bills added up to and while i was studying for my B.A degree too. Anyway, iv felt better and have still had bouts of not being well, i reckon it will take me awhile longer to regulate my body and get my health back to what it should be. It really does affect everything from sleep, to mood to energy levels. Glad you are feeling better so far, be careful when you eat out or in a friends house and when you share tubs, butter, jams etc with someone else. That was hard. Cross contamination is awful for us. Michelle 29 Ireland
  12. Does any one here now much about Modified Starch as an ingredient in food and sauces? I have a booklet here from my Dietician in the local Hospital and it rules out Modified starch as being not gluten free. Yet i have had yoghurts and sauces which say Gluten free on them and contain modified starch in their ingredients list.... I'm really confused about this. The sauce i have here is Birds Brandy Sauce which is a custard style accompaniment for cake, christmas puddings etc... Birds is the Brand that we have here in Ireland. It states in my Celiac Society or Ireland book that Birds custard is gluten free but says nothing about Brandy Sauce by the same company. If anyone could help that would be brilliant.
  13. Does anyone know if Birds (Brand) of Brandy Sauce is gluten free?? It says in my gluten free book that modified starch is not gluten free, but i have had yoghurts and sauces with that in it before and it says gluten free on their label...? Im confused....??