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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for your responses! I am starting to be more diligent about my food log and realize that it should be able to help me figure out other intolerances. I do not have DH and am going to get my ear checked out since it has still been getting plugged randomly. Also, I know the probability of me having a tumor is low. I guess with all my weird symptoms lately my anxiety sometimes goes through the roof. Thanks for your input.
  2. Hi All, Just got my blood results back and wanted to post them here. Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IGG < 3 Value Explanation of Test Results <7 Negative +/- 10 Equivocal >10 Positive Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody, IGA < 3 <5 Negative 5-8 Equivocal >8 Positive Endomysial Antibody SCR (IGA) W/REFL To TITER GLIADIN (DEAMIDATED PEPTIDE) AB (IGA) 3 Reference Range <20 units Criteria: <20 units Antibody not detected I know that this means that my results are negative.... I'm not sure what to do now. Although my GI symptoms are all virtually gone, and I no longer burp all day or have the weird left sided rib cage pain, I have been having bad headaches...mainly in the back of my head. They too have gotten better, although I still feel slight pressure there and slight discomfort on my right. Yesterday the corner of my mouth and part of my bottom lip got tingly. This past weekend one eye was really dry. Today I woke up with a plugged ear on my right side again. The past four or five nights I wake up after sleeping for six hours. I'm not sure why. The logical part of me wants to believe that these nagging symptoms are related to coming off gluten. I've never had headaches like these/my ear has never gotten plugged up. The tingling/numb sensation has happened a handful of times prior to the diet but seems to be decreasing in incidence now that I am supplementing with sublingual B12. Deep down I am worried that I have a brain tumor...rational or not, I guess anxiety has gotten the best of me. I will continue on the diet since it is helping my original symptoms of left-sided pain and constant belching. I am contemplating seeing a neurologist... Any thoughts or support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Another update as I await my blood test results, no headache/anxiety today, so I feel a world better. I do think I got accidentally glutened and on Tuesday and had some pain on my right side. Went away yesterday but came back right before dinner. I took a probiotic (Jarrow's formula) but have noticed that it always makes me more burpy. Odd or common? Thanks for listening.
  4. Hello again, Just wanted to offer an update and look for advice. I have purchased Country Life - Active B-12 Dibencozide, 3000 mcg and took my first one last night. I also wanted to consult about a weird headache I've been getting on the right side behind my ear- is this possibly from withdrawal? I've never gotten a headache like this before and it's woken me up with a pulsing pain this morning and two days ago. My right ear has also been plugged in both cases, but a nasal spray has helped with that. Thanks again!
  5. Oh and also, the GI did not take any samples. He said he would only do so if he saw any inflammation, and at the time I was not 'pushy' enough to advocate for myself.
  6. Hi all, thank you so much for your response. Regardless of the blood test results, I am going to stick it out for at least three months. As far as I'm concerned not having the weird dull ribcage pain is a really good sign. Thanks for the input- based on your reply and the forum in general I know it can take some time. I will also look into purchasing a B12 supplement. I wonder if Whole Foods has one that is sublingual. Yes, I do know the carb-PCOS connection. Although I was diagnosed at 16 with PCOS, I was immediately put on birth control. About a year ago I decided to come off and have been a more active researcher since. There is also some speculation about PCOS and gluten-related intolerance, as well as studies that suggest that gluten reduces fertility. Even before I started having these problems I was limiting my carb intake. Unfortunately my PCP, despite having done extensive studies on PCOS, does not feel that I am at risk for diabetes at all and did not see a need for me to modify my diet. Thank you all again. I will obtain a copy of the results and let you know what happens. I really appreciate having somewhere to voice my concerns.
  7. Hi all, I have been reading through the boards for the past few days, so I know that some of you have shared my symptoms. I have also been feeling increasingly anxious about what is wrong with me, so I guess I'm mainly looking for a place of support. In October, after a bizarre ER visit due to weird leg cramps (attributed to starting a new birth control), I got a really bad burning left side pain. This was constant and a week later I went to the doctor, was prescribed rinitadine, which helped after about a week, but I still had this weird left side pain and intermittent heart burn. I went off it, got really bad heartburn/belching and took prilosec for 14 days at the urging of my PCP. Then after those 14 days saw a GI doctor, scheduled an endoscopy. The endoscopy was normal. I also went the cardio route, had EKG, ecko and stress test. All normal. After this my belching and left side pain came back, so I decided to push for an appt with an allergist. Had skin testing, no allergies found. I pushed for an gluten antibody blood test and am waiting for the results. Since the blood test I have gone gluten and dairy free, with some slip-ups (maltodextrin?) but am worried because of this weird tingling sensation I've been getting on one area on my face. It's only been a week being gluten free. This would happen before but I attributed it to anxiety and the stresses of a new job. It would not happen in the same place. The side pain also moved to the right and I would get really bad gas-like pressure on my ribcage, paired with belching. This has subsided, and the left-side pain as well, since starting the diet. I only have some mild burps now. I am happy about this since I've read that many here have suffered from left-side pain. The tingling sensation worries me, as does slight joint pain in my finger knuckles and toes. These are all symptoms that come and go. I am only twenty-two and am feeling more emotional about this than expected. I know I should wait for the results and then decide my next move, but am honestly not looking forward to seeing my PCP about the other symptoms, as I have a feeling she'll take me for a young person with an anxiety problem. I also have PCOS, as an FYI, and have started taking Aldactone since Nov 1st to treat hair loss related to that. Thanks for listening, I appreciate it.