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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Possible Celiac And Probable Pregnancy

    I have a couple questions about "chemical pregnancy" that i'm hoping you can help me with. I was 9 days late for my period (which i've never been more than a couple days late) and was getting positive results with a hpt. i also had definte pregnancy symptoms such as sore breast, nauseousness, light headed, cramping in lower abdomen and feeling spacey. when i started to have red bleeding i noticed that my pregnancy symptoms were going away. i have been bleeding off and on for 5 days (mostly when i go to the bathroom) i have seen a few very small clots but haven't passed anything like a "sac". will i pass that or just have bleeding? i currantly have a feeling of pressure in my lower area. also would i concider this as my period and use this as my guideline as when my next period will be coming? how soon can i start trying to concieve again? any info you can help me with would be much appreciated!!
  2. Possible Celiac And Probable Pregnancy

    I started to get a bit of spotting on dec 31st. had some bad cramping at 2am jan 2nd. went to the hospital later that morning and got some blood drawn. i am to go back tomorrow to have another blood test. i seem to bleed when going to the bathroom but otherwise i haven't been bleeding. i had slight cramping yesterday evening but not terrible. my pregnancy symptoms seem to be gone - my breasts are no longer sore, i don't seem as nauseous, but i still feel a little out of it. the blood is bright red. i think i am no longer pregnant. i won't know for sure until the end of the week. i'm extremely sad about this but realize that there is nothing i can do about it. just very sad.
  3. Possible Celiac And Probable Pregnancy

    Thank you everyone for your replies!! As of today I'm 9 days late. I have used clear blue on the 25th (1st pee)and got a positive (faint), I used clear blue on tues afternoon and got a neg. used first response on the 28th (1st pee)got positive. Used clear blue on the 29th (1st pee) got a positive, dr's test came back neg (probably 3 or 4th pee of the day). My last 4- 5 periods I was getting spotting a week before my period but I've had nothing at all yet. Normally I would have had some spotting around dec 14. It may be wishful thinking but I definitely feel pregnant.
  4. Possible Celiac And Probable Pregnancy

    I did a hpt this morning and got two lines!!! although one wasn't as dark as the other i believe its still a positive! i'm beyond excited right now. i have an appt with my dr tomorrow morning. i am cutting out all gluten even though i don't know if that's my problem - better safe than sorry!!
  5. Possible Celiac And Probable Pregnancy

    yes i have been low in potassium and iron in the past few months do to so much diarrhea. my periods were irregular also which i was told it may be hard to conceive.
  6. Possible Celiac And Probable Pregnancy

    I am testing tomorrow morning. i'm to have a endoscopy at the same time as my colonoscopy.
  7. For about a year now i have had stomach problems, sore, bloating, swelling feeling, burping, nauseous, cramping, diarrhea, loss of appitite which lead me to believe i had Celiac. i really seemed to notice the symptoms after drinking beer and eating pastas, breads etc. i had a blood test for Celiac but it came back negitive. i am due to have a colonoscopy in a few weeks but believe i am pregnant after a year of trying to concieve (which i'm extrememly excited about). i'm a little worried about getting that done as i don't want anything to go wrong or to hurt the baby. i have been eating gluten as my doctor wanted it to be in my system and for my symptoms to be worse so that it would show up on the colonoscope. now that i could be pregnant i'm thinking i want to cut out glueten completely! any advise would be appreciated! i'm also sceduled to get an endoscope at the same time as my colonoscopy.