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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. There is a place by me that has a huge import beer selection, including the gluten free beers you mentioned. They are all about $12. a six pack except the Bards, which is $4. something a bottle!
  2. I sent them an email! Wonder if there is any chance of getting some gluten free beer with that pizza?
  3. Does anyone know if the red sweet& sour sauce and the hot chinese mustard is gluten free?
  4. Hi, Anyone have any luck with Tai food? There is a Tai resturant nearby and a few dishes are made with rice noodles and does not contain soy sauce or wheat. They also have spring rolls wrapped in rice paper and not fried. The sweet spicy dipping sauce does not contain wheat or soy sauce either. Wondering if this could be a solution for my Chineese food craving?
  5. Do you have a link to the forbidden list? Can't seem to find it. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I thought I remember reading that red 40 lake had gluten as wel as some yellow food colorings. Does any one have a list of food colorings we should avoid? Thanks, Mike.
  7. Thanks Karen, I will check out some of those other chewing gums you listed. Mike.
  8. Hi folks, I like chewing peppermint gum but have found out recently that "Aspertime" is in all the peppermint gum. Even Wrigleys doublemint. Aspertime is supposed to be real bad for your nervous system. So I went with the old original Denyne, but it has red #40 in it which contains gluten. Does anyone know of a good peppermint gum that is gluten and aspertime free? Also, are Almond Joys, and Mounds safe? The ingredients look ok, but having a reaction to something, and I'm suspicious of the almond joys I ate.
  9. OK, Thanks, that makes sence.
  10. Wondering how many here would have any symptoms if glutened in a small dose, when otherwize maintaining a gluten free diet? For an example, you ate some chicken that you found out later was prepaired with a little bit of soy sause. or maybe a salad dressing had some malt vinegar in it? In other words are some of us more sensitive to gluten than others? Or are there minor or no symptoms after a small dose of gluten?
  11. Wheat seems to be in everything! What about us non wheat folks?
  12. Corn Tortillas

    I think wer'e talking soft corn tortillas here. There is the hard crunchy kind as well. Most authentic Mexican food uses the soft corn variety. I used to live in the Bay area also, and get these great tacos from a local Mexican mom & pop type place. They were just 2 soft warm corn tortillas together with just meat and salsa. Unbelievably great!
  13. Thanks everyone! I will definetley look into some of these products. This is very encouraging!
  14. I'm pretty sure rice krispies are forbidden. But is there another safe brand that is ok? If there is, rice krispie treats could return to the snack menu.
  15. Hey, thats a great idea. I never thought of cream of rice. I guess I can add that to the safe list of things to eat. Thanks.