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  1. lol thanks
  2. thanks for your answers, i dont really have a choice of going or not, im going to be there with my choir .... well, i guess ill just stick to rice if you say that i can't trust their smiles... thanks again
  3. Im going to be in Japan this summer. I wanted to know if anyone of you were there, and if you could tell me what are the options there for celiacs. thanks
  4. Hi everybody! My name is Adva, and im 16. this is the 4th year for me in the celiac buisness. i apologies in advance for spelling and other mistakes.... im not american... i cant tell you haw amazed i was when finding this forum.... i dont know anyone my age with celiac... i really want to meet more people... please email me (at selagirl@hotmail.com) if you want to chat or have tips bye for now