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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Shocked At Endoscopy Results

    Same story as you Cathleeen, I never had ant symptoms and was sure my endoscopy would come back negative but there was in fact severe damage. Ive been gluten free for about 6 months and dont really feel any different. I often wonder if I am ingesting gluten unintentionally because I didnt have symptoms to know and I think that is the hardest part. My blood results were off the charts, snd my 3 month blood test showed my numbers come down into the 'high' range. I go again in october and hope it continues to go down. Im assuming my intestines are healing as my blood levelsgo down....i think repeat endoscopy is still 2.5 years away. I wish there were more positive checkpoints along the way. Good news is that youve found the right place! This forum will be able to help answer so many questions along the way!
  2. Making Tracks For Celiac

    Great! Im doing the one in NY on june 10th! Glad it was good, really looking forward to it.
  3. I have three functions coming up (1. brothers confirmation, 2. cousins first birthday, 3. cousins HS graduation) that I have been invited to and am really looking forward to going to. However, all of them have come with the caveat "wed love to have you but there will not be any gluten free food available". Two of the events are sit down dinners at catering halls, but the people throwing the parties would rather me bring my own food instead of calling the place to make something for me. The other is an outside BBQ. All three events are over 2 hours away (one way) from my home. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can bring, and how (with the long car ride) so that I have food to eat and dont feel totally out of place ? Im not a fan of being the center of attention so id rather not have the entire party looking at me wondering why i cant just eat what everyone else is. How about heating up food? Would you trust a catering hall that you have not interacted with to heat up your food for you? What have you done in similiar situations in the past? Any help or ideas would be really helpful! Im really starting to stress out about this and would really like to attend the parties, I wish so many celebrations were not centered around food!
  4. Gluten Free Chicago

    When I was in chicago I ate at the following places and had a good experience. The restaurants are gluten aware. Wildes, has a gluten-free menu, casual pub/grill Wildfire, steak house, even have gluten-free bread for you to have while the rest of the table eats theirs Chicago diner, vegan vegetarian and gluten-free options Chens chinese and sushi....they had gluten-free soy sauce that they could substitute in any if your meals. Very gluten-free aware
  5. Thanks you so much everyone! All of your ideas arevery helpful and I definitely will be bringing food along with me and making a lot of phone calls/plans next week to prepare. Ill let you all know how it was when i return (1/21).
  6. Thanks everyone for your tips! I'm definitely going to bring some food with me - unfortunately its a flight away so don't think I'll do the frozen but maybe pb, nuts and some other goodies! I'm also going to talk to the staff and see what they have in package form that I can research before I go. Skylark - I travel often and go to trainings like this multiple times a year...Yes, maybe this instance I will be ok, but I'm trying to figure out how to eat gluten-free for life and the adjustments I need to make to make that possible. How do I handle these situations when they come up so often, is it ok to eat traces of gluten a few times a year? Am I too worried? Thanks for your help!
  7. I have to go away for 3 nights to a training facility next week for work. All meals are served cafeteria style for over 1,500 people daily and some gluten-free options (mostly veggies) are spread throughout the cafeteria (which I think leads to a huge chance of cross contamination). I've reached out ahead of time to see if I can get meals prepared separately or at least in a clean environment and put aside for me to not risk the CC, but am not sure how to handle the response I received back from the training facility. The catering manager assured me that "we can handle low-gluten diets. We have a handful of them here every day - it has increased in 'popularity' quite a bit over the years". She then goes on to explain that the staff is available to answer specific questions that I may have about the food when I eat in the cafeteria. I think the facility is being great and super accommodating, but I don't seem to think that they "get it" or at least all aspects of it. Low-gluten just isn't good enough. I don't trust that there will not be cross contamination while the food is being prepared. I don't think they will know all of the places gluten can hide aside from bread. How would you handle a situation like this? I am going to set up a meeting with the head chef when I arrive at the facility, but how do you educate someone quickly and completely on all aspects of this issue? I'm afraid if I'm not confident that my meals will be prepared correctly, I'll eat nothing but fruit for 4 days (which I can do if necessary). Thanks for any advice you have.
  8. Feeling Low

    Thank you everyone for sharing your stories! They were all great to read through, and very very motivational!
  9. Confused And Nervous

    I know, I've come to realize that it's something I need to do. I just hope I'm able to do it consistently without messing up somewhere. I will be gluten-free for one week today, and i think so far so good. It's the "forever" part that I'm struggling with, it just really seems so long! But hopefully acceptance will come with time.
  10. Celiac Disease. Me?

    Your reaction seems to be absolutely normal, since it was the same exact reaction I had! I've been gluten free for 6 days. My diagnosis came as a total shock for me since I only went for the blood test to "rule it out" and was not expecting the positive diagnosis. I was also very scared of the endoscopy and it was nothing, I didn't feel and don't remember a thing. Hang in there, supposedly it gets easier, and take comfort in knowing you are not alone. This message board seems to have a great deal of information and support and is filled with people ready to help and talk. You'll get through this and it will get easier, it has to, right?
  11. Confused And Nervous

    Great list - thank you so much, this is very helpful for those of us just starting out!
  12. Gluten Free Restaurants In Nj

    Thank you so much!
  13. Hello, I am new to the gluten-free lifestyle after testing positive for celiac. I think I can cook some gluten-free dishes and learn what to and what not to use around the house but I love eating out! I live in Somerville NJ and have found two restaurants by me that offer a gluten-free menu (Alfonsos and Chimney Rock Inn). Is anyone else from the area that can suggest any in NJ or NY? I've done some google searches but have not been able to find that many. Thank you so much for your help...I'd love to be able to continue to eat out and follow a gluten-free diet.
  14. Diagnosed with celiac disease on 12/28/11 after positive blood test and biopsies after family member died of intestinal cancer caused by undiagnosed celiac. I do not have any GI symptoms but do get frequent headaches. I am thinking of going 100% gluten-free for three months and see how my blood tests come back and if my headaches go away.