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  1. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts! We definitely send lunches from home for both my girls so our 504's don't involve cafeteria's at all. For my 3rd grader we included frequent hand washing with soap and water after computer lab, PE, music, science lab....pretty much every time she returns to her classroom. She has Clorox wipes to clean off her desk after any art projects. She has a routine to follow if she experiences anxiety because she has an anxiety disorder. We included the accommodation of having a water bottle at her desk and instruction that she is not to use the water fountains. Communication from the teacher to make us aware of any snack or birthday celebration is included along with an extra set of text books for absences. Basically it's little things and to protect her from frequent or prolonged absences. For my freshman in high school, I just want to make sure she is protected from absences and has a set framework for make-up work and testing. I just hope I'm not forgetting anything! Luckily my freshman is a type A perfectionist so she does really well and now that we are wrapping up the third week of school, she's over the hump in the sense of knowing where to go and what to do and how to manage the homework load. I just want her to be protected from the attendance rules. Our school district threatens to take away driving privileges.
  2. I am a Mom to a 14 year old daughter who has Celiac Disease. She was diagnosed two years ago along with her little sister as well as myself. Last year during her 8th grade year, we made a 504 plan. That plan has carried over to her high school and we have a meeting coming up to address the specifics and make any changes if needed. I would love to hear from other parents that have 504 plans for their high school aged children, and find out what accommodations you include in your plans. I simply don't know what I don't know! Thank you! Rookie high school Mom!!!
  3. 504 Plan

    I started this topic a full year ago, but here I am gearing up for the school year and wanted to know if any of you know the typical process of "renewing" a 504 plan that was in place last year. I would love to know if any forms are required. I have scheduled meetings with both of my daughters schools but want to make sure that I have everything in order. THANK YOU!
  4. I am 13 years old and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost two years ago. In the last year I have developed some pretty bad acne. My dermatologist has only tried topical creams because she says that I shouldn't take anything else. When I'm on antibiotics, my face is much better. Does anyone know if there is a standard course of treatment for Celiacs who have acne? I would love any advice you can offer!
  5. Anybody Take Accutane?

    I know this is an older discussion, but I have been researching acne treatments for my 13 year old daughter who has Celiac Disease. Does anyone have information concerning what a proper protocol treatment would include for a teen with Celiac? I took accutane in my early 20's and was diagnosed with Celiac and now have two daughters with Celiac but my daughters acne is present despite being strictly gluten free for almost two years. I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice.
  6. My oldest daughter attends a school with close to 1000 kids and to our knowledge, she is the only diagnosed Celiac. Her peers have been wonderful and we just completed a 504 plan to make her daily existence easier while at school. My youngest daughter is in 2nd grade and attends a school with 800 kids. There is one other child diagnosed with Celiac but after a few months on a gluten free diet, the mother decided to stop the diet because it was just too hard and too expensive. Obviously I do not feel the same way. We do feel somewhat isolated and I too have reached out to our local ROCK group but similar to your situation, they do not have many events and they were unable to hook us up with other families in our area. Wait, are you in Georgia? My youngest daughter has befriended a little boy in her class that has a severe peanut allergy because they have that in common and have to follow the same cafeteria procedures. I often dream about having a family like ours over for dinner. My girls often say that they wonder if there are families just like us out there. While there may not be many now, sadly I hope that diagnosis becomes easier and then we will have more company. Best of luck to you!
  7. Your post is all too familiar. My two daughters and I were diagnosed a year ago and we still have spells of grieving and crying. It's extremely overwhelming. You are far more normal than you know!!! I promise you that while it never will be easy, it does get easier. Our first year was tough just because you meet each holiday and scenario for the first time and you learn so much. Halloween, birthday snacks at school, Easter candy, and just the every day hurdles. You are a brave, strong Mom! I wish that I could just show up for families that are newly diagnosed and help you poor through your kitchen, walk with you through the grocery store and have a batch of gluten free brownies baking in the oven all the while. There is so much to learn and it's really left to us to research, read, and dig for all the answers. I promise that 6 months from now, you will look back at this first post and realize how far you have gone. In the mean time, cry when you need to cry, hug your boy every chance you get and keep posting on this forum because it really does help! Best of luck to you.
  8. 504 Plan

    Hi Stephanie- I would love if you could message. My daughter has several food allergies as well. I'm a forum rookie so I don't know how to message but I would greatly appreciate seeing your plan. Rachael
  9. 504 Plan

    Thank you Cara! This is helpful.
  10. 504 Plan

    Our school has been amazing so we aren't placing the plan because we think there will be any problems. We visited the Celiac Center at Columbia University this summer and the experts there encouraged us to have a plan for both of our daughters simply because you never know what the disease will throw at you and having a plan in place that can be modified is so much better than starting from scratch. It also serves to protect my girls on the excessive absences front. 504's follow your children all the way through college which is also an advantage.
  11. 504 Plan

    Thank you so much! I would love to see a finished and complete plan.
  12. I am starting the referral process for both my 2nd and 8th graders who have Celiac Disease. I'm not asking for meals to be prepared at school but rather things like, having access to their own water bottle at all times, extra sets of textbooks for home, extra time to make up work after an extended absence, communication from teachers about birthday snacks, holiday treats or incentives. What am I missing? I would love some suggestions! Thanks!
  13. Myself, and our two daughters have Celiac Disease. Our girls are 13 and 7. We're one year into this wild ride and we have yet to meet anyone else with this disease. I want to start a support group of sorts, so that my girls can meet other kids with Celiac Disease and I would love to meet other parents as well. We joined the Atlanta ROCK group but we've found that they don't have frequent events. Are we the only Celiacs in the Atlanta area? We would love to meet some Celiac folks like us!
  14. I was brought to tears by your post. Congratulations and I'm so happy for you! I love to read great news like this. I could cry for you! A new life for both your child and yourself!!!
  15. My youngest daughter has had dry, cracked lips for her entire 7 years. We had been prescribed Elidel to treat it and we've tried everything from straight Vaseline, to chap sticks but nothing worked. When we walked into our GI's office for our first appointment after recieving positive Celiac blood tests, the doctor told me right away that the cracked, dry lips is a vitamin B12 deficiency. I was blown away because both our pediatrician and dermatologist never figured that out. Our daughters lips are far better now but it just came with time and the gluten free diet. Elidel really helped if we were really disciplined about applying it every night. We were told not to use a B12 supplement(not really sure why). I hope that helps! Best of luck to you.