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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been so blessed with this forum , and have been able to see how and why I have these issues, and can look back and see that my relatives a generation back also had them and just did not know why. Also my Aunt has the same Lectin allergy and now I will be able to help her. I was wondering if certain types of genetics suffer more than others, we are from European decent and wondered if that was a common problem for others. I was interested to read the artcle about itching from having a potato, I also did, and have had to stop them altogether.
  2. I just can't thank you enough for the web link ! I read it and now I know why I can not touch a potato or peanut, I have never known why, just thought I inherited it from Grandma since she could not eat them either, Thankyou so much , it has answered so much for me !
  3. Wow, thanks , this is so helpful !!
  4. Thanks, I also find a little meat protien works ok .
  5. Thanks, I have never thought about soaking nuts, I always do the beans, I just avoid all soy now.
  6. Does anyone else have trouble digesting protien ? I love Tofu, brown beans , and raw nuts, but they have the same effect on me as gluten, I seem to do bettter if the beans are canned than if I crock pot cook them.
  7. I also have the fibromyalgia flares, and till you said it, I would never have linked it with the gluten ! Thanks,
  8. Thanks, I was diagnoised 8 yrs ago and have been doing good, but had never talked to anyone else with the same troubles, so I just try diff. foods and am glad to be able to discuss with others and see how to make positive changes. Holidays wreck haveck if I let them !
  9. Thanks !
  10. Thankyou very Much !!!
  11. I was eating regular oats, and having trouble,I have tried Irish oats, but it has been awhile and will have to try again.
  12. Has anyone had a reaction to Oat's ? I am suspicious there may be some gluten in them as I have been noticing a reaction similar to gluten products when eaten.
  13. Thankyou everyone who answered about the back pain ! I have never asked anyone before if they suffered also, it is encouraging to hear others say it lessens with strick diet ! I am encouraged ! Thankyou !
  14. I have wondered if anyone has exsperianced lower back pain along with bloating, it seems like when I have eaten gluten foods that cause bloating , I also have a severe lower back ache, when I was super strict and ate only gluten free, the back ache went away.